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Matt K

Atlanta, United States

Minimal, Techno

Rejoy Records
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Matt K aka DJ Matt K is the creator and undisputed king of the viciously fresh and cathartic ingenious genre of dance music known to club floors everywhere as Gangsta-Tech, the fusion of methodically syncopated bass driven techno and hip hop. Hailing from Atlanta, Matt K took up the champion sound of house and techno and began spinning in 2001, red shirting in his studio for 2 years before detonating the Atlanta dance scene in 2003 with a more punishing sound than had previously been available in the southeast. These events helped pioneer the new generation of hard-edged events that had been eluding the Atlanta scene for so long. By the end of the year, Matt K had not only become recognized by his astonishing live sets but had become an underground mix tape legend, refusing to release anything even remotely substandard.

It was in 2004 that Matt K began headlining abroad, given the opportunity to play at prestigious events in places like Ibiza and London. During his travels he discovered the true power of the global clubbing populace, traveling from packed dance floor to packed dance floor, hearing absolute mayhem being pounded through the speakers. Upon returning, Matt K focused all his attention on production, using the ideas he saw being implemented in European clubs to create the finalized direction of his Gangsta Tech sound. He used these avenues of creativity to master the unforgettable “Under the Gun” mix CD, which featured his first ever, released Gangsta Tech tracks distributed by Glitch Recordings (U.K.). The releases immediately netted airplay on such formats as the notorious BBC Radio 1 and the resulting hype helped to push Matt K through his second, more extensive, world tour, a tour that would find him headlining with some of the most respected DJs in the world. During this tour Matt K found the balance between his version of Gangsta-Tech and the hard pounding European style of Germany and London. His sets now sliced the pie of Detroit down the center: finding the middle ground in the bass and the kick.

Still focusing his attention solely on defining the Gangsta Tech sound, the next few years found Matt K releasing a slew of records on such labels as Planet Rhythm (U.K.), Submissions (Holland), and beginning his own imprint in 2006: Omerta Music Group (USA). These records have defined his genre of music as one of the most impressive and infectious sounds to come from the Detroit school of thought. His DIY approach helped fuel not only his own label, but in 2007 he founded the booking agency Niytrus Management based out of Atlanta, as well as his own clothing company entitled 8mm Clothing, with its designs and styles catering to the images and ideas associated with his Gangsta Tech individualism. In 2009 Matt K starts the next phase of his worldwide techno invasion bid with the opening of the newest nerve center for all things hard: Hardtekno, as well as carrying out his own artist album “Fully Strapped”. Matt K the mogul currently continues his global tours year in and year out while balancing his advancement of Omerta Music as far as the sky will allow it.