Top 25k on The DJ List

Matt Harvey

Ottawa, Canada



Matt Harvey started his DJ career only a few months ago, but his obsession with perfection has quickly molded him into a DJing artist. Jump starting his career, Harvey was spinning vinyl at two parties only two days after he got his turntables! Even though new to the art form, his performances were impressive and party-goers enjoyed the music to a great extent. He has played at numerous parties since then and has rapidly developed his mixing techniques.

Although Harvey has only been spinning for a short while, his mixes have been complimented by the masses and the admiring remarks are uncountable. Matt Harvey is quickly on his way to becoming a popular and professional DJ. He has teamed up with the likes of DJ MC, and Mixmaster Cid, demonstrating different angles that can be taken on the set. Harvey recently teamed up with Pofunk United and scratches for the popular funk band at their shows. Harvey will be featured on their next album.

Harvey has recently been asked to play on a late-night radio show on a local Ottawa radio station. He will be performing regularily over the next couple of months on the radio station.

DJ MC may have put it best:

“For all the peeps out there that haven’t heard of Matt Harvey, well, you will soon. This stoked out sucka has been keepin it real for longer than I can remember. Guitars, banjos, little crappy keyboards, and now turntables/303s. This kid has it all. The likes of Armand Van Helden, Norman Cook, Sasha, Digweed, and Paul Oakenfeld will soon be in awe… out y’all, Matt Harvey is on the scene.”