Matt E Love

Miami, United States


Matt E Love Beatport


A true pioneer in the electronic & dance music arena, Matt-e Love (Matt Mckenna) has been causing a scene since 1993.

Matt-e Love gained an interest in electronic music at only age 15, where his roots in music began as a drummer and percussionist. Just two years later, joined by several close friends, Matt-e attended his first rave, entitled “LIQUID” (Orlando) where he witnessed the incredible sounds of a DJ mixing two (or more) records, to create a mixed/blended beat melody – quite unlike anything he had ever heard before.

Hooked on the sound and scene that surrounded him, the following week Matt-e purchased his first set of technics 1200 turntables.

With a background in formal music training, it was within no time at all that Matt-e found himself spinning guest spots at the nations largest nightclubs including the world renowned Limelight (New York City). Due to his immediate rise to success in Boston and the northeast region, Matt-e was consequently booked at many mid-west raves and nightclubs, various peak radio spots, and played a prime spot at the Sundance Music Festival in Miami.

With new experiences from his many early travels as a DJ, Matt-e began producing his own top-notch events in the northeast entitled “LOVE”, “Alien-DNA”, “Daydream” and mega-event “ID-4” in which 3000+ people attended.

Matt-e produced his first track (“the emit e.p.”) in 1997 that was released on Element Recordings, a label that was started along with Dale Charles, Jed Lowry, Mike Wilkens and Greg Hicky, that held spots on top ten lists all over the world.

In 1998 Matt-e, along with partner Greg Hicky opened Bassline Records, a store that was formed by their mutual love of electronic dance music. As this newest venture rose to it’s own acclaim from industry magazines, newspapers and international publications, their client list grew, as did their list of close friends in the industry. Through the years, Matt-e has made friends with artists such as Dale Charles, Tom Grin, Max Graham, OSHEEN, Jim Hopkins, Pharaoh, Dutch, Justin Johnson, Scott Richmond and many more and stays in contact with all of them, often meeting them for gigs across the states.

Since 1999 Matt-e has been operating out of his self-built, self-run, music studio, aptly dubbed “The Bassline lab”, a multi faceted recording studio with full digital audio capabilities. The studio features a dynamic showcase of vintage synthesizers and drum machines, including a Roland Jupiter 6, Juno 6, TR 909, and MS 2000.

A true contributor to the music scene that changed his way of life, Matt-e Love has been, and will continue to remain; a uniquely successful musician that’s sure to cause a scene of his own, and a name to watch out for in the years to come.

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