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Matt Bukovski (b. 1992) is a classically trained Polish producer and composer who started composing music since early childhood.

He wrote his first works for piano then but soon started experimenting with other instruments, especially organ and strings and symphonic orchestration. He composed lots of orchestral pieces that were awarded in many international and Polish composer competitions.

When he discovered trance and other electronic genres, he got addicted and started producing his own tracks.

His tunes are mainly uplifting and melodic and usually inspired with classical compositions. His aim is to blend the best characteristics of both classical and trance music to create quality, timeless tracks.

A&R Manager of Infected Identity label

Please send links to your demos here (192kbps+ quality), do not attach any files: [email protected]

Forthcoming tracks:

Aku & Ghazaly & Matt Bukovski – ID

[TBA / 2011?]

Released tracks:

Matt Bukovski – Inspired / Mesmerized EP

[Digital Society Recordings (Enhanced) / 2011]

Paul Miller vs Ronald de Foe – Aqua Virgo (Matt Bukovski Remix)

[Music En Route / 2011]

Garrido & Skehan with Aroo.X – Transfixion (Matt Bukovski Remix)

[Infected Identity / 2011]

Blue Tente feat. Stine Grove – Heading Home 2011 (Matt Bukovski Remix)

[Diverted Music / 2011]

Matt Bukovski – Lucid Dreams

[Harmonic Breeze Recordings / 2011]

Matt Bukovski – Surrounding You

[Harmonic Breeze Recordings / 2011]

Dominik Dudek pres. Astral Forteness – Enchanted in Time (Matt Bukovski Remix)

[Diverted Music / 2011]

Matt Bukovski feat. Tiff Lacey – Swept Away

[Enhanced Progressive / 2011]

John Calm & Matt Karey – Memories

[Trance All-Stars Records / 2011]

Matt Bukovski – Delight

[Harmonic Breeze Recordings / 2011]

Type 41 – Riptide (Matt Bukovski Remix)

[Fuzion Four Records / 2011]

Tempo Giusto & Ima’gin – Stockticker (Matt Bukovski Remix)

[Echelon Records / 2011]

Matt Bukovski – Fresh Air

[Echelon White / 2010]

Total Sound – Endless Love (Matt Bukovski Remix)

[Conco Digital / 2010]