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Mat's Mattara

Padova, Italy

Progressive House

Move Rec, Superstar Recordings, TIME Records
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Since the mid-90s he has been touring the most important clubs in Europe. His experience and his pleasant

and bright way of working have let him be present in the most prestigious consoles in Europe and worldwide,

Moreover, his productions and his remixes including DJ DADO, DUKE, BARBARA TUKER, MICHELLE WEEKS,


JASPER STREET Co., UNDERDOG PROJECT, NOELIA, are taking him all over the world. We must not forget the

remix Sweet dreams by EURITHMICS which is still present in many sets of international DJs. Under the

pseudonym Mat’s he is of ten present in the best club-char ts; in 2003 he r eached the first positions in half

Europe, Canada andthe United States thanks to the single ”Rock the Drum” that took him to work in lots of

clubs in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, Canada and lots of other countries in Eastern Europe.

At the moment he is creating lots of projects in various styles as Mat’s. “World of Sound” contains a sample

of “Guns and Roses” and it has been quite successful in Lots of European states. He released his single

“Hungry for love” as Stefano Mattara; he has also remixed IL GENIO with “Pop Porno” that was all the rage

during winter. Moreover, he has r emixed a symbol of R & B w orld, COOLIO, and finally he has pr oduced and

remixed the new single “Caribbean Queen” by Noelia, an artist that with 4,000,000 copies sold worldwide is

the unchallenged Queen of South American countries. In recent months, remixed MADS LAGER with

“You’re not alone” is just the His remix as well as being programmed by the radio is used by leading

European DJs superbig such as David Guetta, etc. etc. Lourent Wolf. During the summer, has also remixed for

YOLANDA BE COOL with "We do not speak American, which led to be among the most popular versions by

dj. In 2008 he produced his single “Send the message” containing the sample of Mory Kante “Yeke Yeke”

that had an international hit bringing the disc to be summer 2008 in Italy, in Europe and among the top 50

in the United States and in the summer of 2009 came out with “Dreams of My Life” came in just 7 days in the

Top 100 of the Italian single and aired on major Italian Network. In the summer of 2010 came out

with the single “Sunshine Lady” entered the Charts of the most prestigious national and European radio

network, while the video is still in programming in a variety of channels worldwide.

In the last week with the MAT’s MATTARA feat. RockMan – “Opera” has literally invaded the club charts all over

the world and is used by top DJs such as AXWEEL, INGROSSO , GAUDINO , Chuckie , BOB SINCLAR ,