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Mats Gulbrandsen, also known as DJ MTG, is a 21 year old producer/dj from a small town in Norway, called Stokke.

He started out producing at the age of 12, developing his knowledge about production and passion for music, together with his childhood friend, Christopher Haugen.

After a couple of years of this, he became acqainted with Miksto (Mikkel Stokke), who introduced him to DJing – which was something completely new to him, and through learning they became close friends, and decided to start a collaboration project, which they decided to call “Hot Clubbers”. Hot Clubbers performed all over Norway, and made quite the name for themselves through their extatic live performances and energetic remixes… but after a while, Mats Gulbrandsen started to focus more as a solo artist.

After a couple of years of pursuing his dream of becoming a renowned house producer/dj, Mats Gulbrandsen is today involved in pretty much every aspect of the house scene in Norway, his involvement ranging not only in producing house tracks, but also from bringing pop artists into house music.. As an artist, he is today one of Norway’s most experienced house artists, having released several tracks and played at countless clubs. Mats Gulbrandsen is known for having his very own “vibe”, either he is producing an original track, remixing a track or spinning a club, he will always bring something special to the table.

2011 is sure to be an amazing year for this young, but highly skilled artist – watch out for his upcoming releases, which are sure to bring the house scene of Norway to new hights!