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Matias Jofre

New York, United States

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The traditional functionality of Techno | Minimal | Tech House music must always be present, but for Matias Jofre its all about taking risks and trusting his instincts, which is why his particular style is varied, covering a whole lot than just sound effects, bleeps and glitches. The Argentinean native is one self-motivating and persistence music entrepreneurs in his scene. Taking matters into his own hands made him stand out with his weekly events in Manhattan, New York that manages to inspire those around him to greater heights.

Matias Jofre finds inspiration through worldwide club culture. Making appearance’s in the Tri-State area ( city, names & any big name DJ’s) have led to his weekly Rite of Wednesdays at Bar 13 and many mores since 2008 also collaborating to make possible Momentum a Techno Happy Hour that already passed the first year with a vibrant following. Experimenting with sound design, mixing and producing, Matias is not the one to sit still. He’s rapidly growing, taking on different approaches to try new things for his parties.

Melody plays a significant role in his work, often providing darkness to his music there is an uplifting cathartic side that generates such a positive vibe to the dance floor.

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