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Tampa, United States

House, Techno

AKA: Mc Mthmtx, Mathematical Equation

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Proper Productions (founder), Equation (founder), Etcetera Technologies (founder), Audiopilots, Underground Tribe (UgT) Tampa,

“Equations from the darker side of the spectrum”

“Your friendly neighborhood mathematician”

“The Language Of The Universe”

“Your crash course in MathematiX”

Also Known As: MC MTHMTX or MC MathematiX-101

Brace yourself for the hard bangin’ dark styles of the mathematician. Originally from Tampa, Florida, he first started attending Electronic Music events in 1992. Since then, this man has done it all from DJ to Producer to MC,“etc”. From rocking the decks at massive festivals and mega clubs, to founding his own production company Proper Productions and therefor coordinating some of the biggest events ever to be held in the state of Colorado, As well as MCing along side some of the most well known DJ names in the industry. He has traveled far and wide and has headlined and co-headlined many events and played along side some very notable artists, to include a few: Josh Gabriel, Christopher Lawrence, ATB, Craze, Dara, John Digweed, Monk, Sasha, Icey, Keoki, Uberzone, Rennie Pilgrem, Crystal Method, Adam X, Skylab 2000, Charles Feelgood, Sandra Collins, Kimball Collins, Scott Henry, and the list goes on and on. He has been blessed with the opportunity to play in many cities and states all over North America(US/Mexico/Canada): Such as: Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Denver Colorado, Washington D.C., Virginia, Louisiana, Georgia, Chicago Illinois, California, New York, Wyoming, New Orleans, Kansas, New Mexico, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Porto Valarta Mexico, Toronto Canada, and many others. He joined forces with James West and the Audiopilots in early 2005 and hasn’t looked back. With many great accomplishments to this point, he has his sites set on larger goals, and looks to continue creating, innovating, and soaring the great blue skies. Some of you may be familiar with one of his long time dreams that he finally made a reality as in 2005 EQUATION a LIVE PA was finally a created. Goldfish is Rainbow Bridge a fellow member of the Audiopilots and MathematiX are the duo that makes up Equation. Math is the wild front man for the duo, and a theatrical style performer, he incorporates his dark, and out of this world array of multi-style digitally enhanced vocals with real time synthesize filtered effects. He also brings to life some of the craziest costumes and art styles during the stage show and adds the visual stimulation and vocal flare to the act. His vocal styles range from deep spoken poetic verses to MC rhyming and rugged rock and roll styles. As a DJ, you may find him dropping many different styles of Electronic Dance Music; From House and Deep Progressive, to broken beats and drum & bass. MathematiX is an all around “selector”

’’Mathematics’’ is the study of quantity, structure, space and change. It developed, through the use of abstraction and logical reasoning, from counting, calculation, measurement, and the study of the shapes and motions of physical objects. I am mathematiX. Math is involved in ALL things in this universe; especially music, and I never limit myself to one kind of music, I am mathematiX and I am music.

You can find him DJing and MCing events all over the world. Well, as he always says: “Remember to ask yourself why you are involved in the scene. (?For the MUSIC?) MUSIC,Peace,One Love,Unity,Respect,Keep it real and stay PROPER!!”