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Matan Zohar was born in London, Great Britain in April of 1990. His parents then split up and he found himself living in Cleveland by the time he was 1. There he was brought up by his mother who was a professional violinist and there was a strong musical ethos within the household. His dad came and visited him when he was 8 and bought him a guitar. Ever since then he has been obsessed with writing his own music.

In 2001 he moved back to London to live with his dad. By then he was in love with Daft Punk and had all thier albums. He started writing Midis on his computer very much in the style of Daft Punk and other French house artists. Online he discovered more genres and cultures. This led him into the whole trance scene. This is when he decided to produce music. He listened to internet radio stations such as digitally imported for inspiration. This is where he discovered Progressive Dance music and immediately adopted the style. He worked with the style with track after track. Sometimes he would produce three good quality tracks over a weekend. Now he is trying to get a more professional sound and is currently trying to get a record deal. His music has now been played (roughly) all over the world.