Top 50k on The DJ List

Mat Ste Marie

Toronto, Canada

House, Progressive House


His name is Mat Ste-Marie. “Music – the Rhythm – that is what I am about,” says Mat. Enjoying being a DJ since 1993, he is pretty much what some would describe as a purist with a vision for the future. In his musical research, he has come to the belief that in order to get closer to the true essence of what he is aiming to do – that is to share with his peers his Love for the Music – he needs to dissociate himself from established norms and conventions, namely musical categorizations. His sets have a distinct House flavour with Tribal and Techno hints to it, but as Life itself, his sound is in constant evolution. Seeing himself as a mere channel through which a bigger creative force is acting, Mat tries to let the Music have all the space it wants. As Mat says himself: “this is about collective communion, not my personal gratification.”