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It was at the age of 15 years at a simple party that DJ Master Trax has caught the virus music.

Under the influence of the DJ as CP, Sasha, Matthew Dekay, …

Around the House music, progressive, minimal and Happy’s house he is heading instinctively.

He decides to launch and will make its debut in Disco Bars such as Mp3 Disco Bar (Brussels), the Marginal, the Twins (Waterloo), Piper (La Louvière), Sesame (Houdeng), Bush (pecq) and many other places.

Soon, he will be invited by others to mix in other clubs and after clubs.

He will get his first residence at the theatro.

It did not remain there, and will have the chance to work with big names from the world of night, as DJ CP (Pulse Factory), DJ Steven’s (bush), Silver Cee (bush) and other …

It gradually creates a place in the world of professional DJs and will continue to talk about him.