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Master Blasters

London, United Kingdom

Nano Records
Master Blasters BeatportMaster Blasters BeatportMaster Blasters BeatportMaster Blasters Beatport


Master Blasters have travelled through time and space to bring you these hyper slabs of tectonic funk. Each of these offerings have been carefully crafted to rock your soul and move your feet. Fresh from ultra-dimensional voyaging, Master Blasters have tapped into the cosmic vibrational funk of the Universe, to give you a taste of the past, present, and future. Masters of super-spikadelic dancefloor stormers and dust-kicking tribal blasters… these jams are hot. The band is comprised of Pogo, the mastermind behind the Wingmakers parties and renowned psy DJ, in partnership with the mysterious sonic alchemist Zephirus Kane. Strap in and prepare for blast off…