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A Deejay and Producer of many styles of music from St. Louis, MO now rocking shows in Austin, TX.

Born and raised in ST. Louis, MO, I have had a love for music since birth. My parents, who were collectors of vinyl, exposed me to Jazz, Soul, Funk, and Disco. In 1982 DJ Massive was born, deejaying family events and friend’s parties. In 1991, hooked up with Soul Tribe, a group from ST. Louis, MO and high school friends, and began sampling. Messing with Radio Shack keyboards and old hifi turntables the beat maker was born. In 1995 began deejaying clubs in ST Louis. Also in 1995 started producing beats and scratching for Midwest Advengers. In 1997 I left St. Louis and moved to Jefferson City, M.O. In J.C got some experience working the local college radio station, 88.9KJLU Lincoln University and opening for Devious Minds and Outkast. During this time worked clubs in J.C and Columbia, MO and worked with local artists: Permanaps, Devious Mindz, D-Rome, and more. A friend ask me to to deejay a show in Dallas and I accepted. So in January 1999 did my first show in Texas. I met a lot of contacts and saw the opportunities Texas had to offer. In January 2000 moved to Austin, TX to expand my career as a musician.

Since moving to Austin, TX I have done many shows and venues, Produced Beats for various groups including: Applied Culture, Alliance, and Bavu Blakes which is currently on Performed in the Guitar Center’s National Spin Off 2000, Show & Prove Battle and the Record Playaz Ball. Been a member of Hip Hop Hump-day every Wednesday at The Mercury for almost two years. And toured with Living Legends (2001,2002),and toured with Sunspot Jonz (2003). Also spending time between shows working on upcoming CD’s and trying to promote myself.