Massive Remmo Beatport


Massive Remmo has been working as a professional DJ, since the year 2000. His style varies from hard driving, tribal, funky and minimal techno. With his excellent techniques of mixing on three gramophones and quality choosing singles no one is left impersonalized. In some of his sets you can hear music from the following producers: Adam Beyer, Hardcell, Par Grindvik, Tim Xavier, Marco Bailey, Misijah, Patrick Skoog, Speedy J, Chris Liebing, Eric Sneo, Henrik B, Tom Hades, Redhead, Wehbba, Alex Bau, Mark Broom, WJ Henze etc.

He describes himself as someone who lives and breathes in the techno rhythm, which truly speaks of his music and the quality he brings. DJ Remmo holds a very high place in BiH techno scene because he’s seen as one of high quality DJ’S which is also shown by his highly attended appearances across the former Yugoslavia. Currently he is trying to accomplish to work with DJ’S from Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro and Slovenia in his self created project “Sound Identification” On his events that proudly carry the name Sound Identification, you can oftentimes find the shortened slogan 100 % homemade product, which means that at those parties play mostly local DJ’S. This new project of his already shows it’s great result, because there is a small circle of DJ’S forming who deserve to carry that title.

Remmo is planning to start a new project, which will give opportunity and support to young and new DJ’S from Bosnian scene. He played at some big events in Bosnia and Herzegovina and further. Some of these events is worth mentioning: LOOPfest, Es ist Freitaag [email protected] Plus Tuzla, Music United,VIRGINITY (Slo), Loveland (Slo), IMPULZ (Slo), Tekknotik (Cro), Communication Breakdown (Cro), Club SOKOL (Cro), inACTION, EUPHORIA 2001,EVOLUTION 2002, Zeps ENERGY 2003, Underground Session 1, 2 & 3, Metalurgy part 1 & part 2, LoveBoat Team, 4 years of Fobia, Born to be wild 2004, Shock Wave 2004, Sound Efection 2003, Advanced Music, Teshka Mashineria, INPUT Exhibitionist Jeff Mills, HARD WORK 2003 , and as well a big series of techno parties called SOUND IDENTIFICATION 2003/2004/2005/2006/2007.

So far he has been working and playing with some very known world DJ’S such as Chris Liebing, Jeff Mills, Tom Novy, Space dj-z aka Jamie Bissmire & Ben Long, Deetron, Patrik Skoog, Staffan Ehrlin, Alex Bau, Killian’s, Ade Fenton, Henrik B, Rob Genetic code. As well some of the very known DJ’S from former Yugoslavia: Petar Dundov, Dejan Milicevic, Ivan Komlinovic, Pero Fullhouse, Sinisa Tamamovic,Mladen Tomic, Chipi, Black Acid , Ted Raslow, Fera, Benjamin Deluxe, Dario Kalea, Ari, Tom Spock, instinct, and many more.