Massimo Beatport


Dj Massimo is presently one of the biggest promises of the USA electronic music scene.

Starts as a Dj in Florida in 1997 in Miami’s local scene of , under the name of ‘DJ Maximiliano’, name that it would change in 2004 for ‘DJ Massimo’, which turns out to be the right decision as stage name.

To early age ‘Dj Massimo’ it was supporting a promising career as drummer with Heavy metal tendencies, but destiny was keeping him surprises that would give in his life a draft of 180 degrees, when he heard the song by Robert Miles ‘Children’.

An experience that would change his course and destination, since it decides to take the electronic music as a part of his life, working restless on his Sets and music production to expose it to the demanding market of the best clubs of Florida.

In 1998 it achieves a residence in “The Mix”, the club that undoubtedly opens him the doors to begin a career with big perspectives and impressive nights, together with the most prestigious djs of the world scene.

Once he began to harvest the acceptance of the public of Miami hi is contacted by Alex Imos the prestigious mentor of the Famous “Ultra Music Festival” to expose his set in the edition of the Ultra 1998. His presentation captivated the spectators and fulfills the expectations of the promoters. Since then (1998) Massimo has being present as dj in each of the editions of ‘Ultra Music Festival’. Also he has presented, with great success, his show in the recognized EARTHDANCE Festival.

Massimo defines his music style as Progressive House.

He has shared stages with Oscar G, Stingray, Mauro Picotto, Timo Mass, Edgar V, Julie Collins, Ariel Baund, Cedric Garveis, Alex Sajanovich and many more, in clubs as Shadow lounge, Touch, Crobar, Club Space, Blue, Rock Bar, Purdy lounge, Nikkís

For two consecutive years it was a part of the line up of the prestigious Radial station of Internet where they expose “live” the most quoted Dj’s of the world.

Something that we must stand out against his sets in alive, it is the immense energy, expression and interactivity that transmits the public, undoubtedly his charisma and hyperactivity on the stage makes him “one of a kind”. Both his image and his expression motivate to dance even the most conservative assistant.

Actually is working on his first promotional tour, taking target countries of Center and South America.

Among his projects we can name his first musical production, which is in the sight of Spain promoters.

Definitively to see and to listen to Dj’s as great as Dj Massimo is an experience that one never forgets.