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Massimo Cassini

Treviso, Italy

House, Progressive House

Aquasound, Azari Records, B79 Music
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Massimo Cassini is born 23 August of year 1984. It attends the institute of industrial design and furnishing and ends the studies in 2002. To the age of 10 years it begins to study the first musical instruments, which violin, the bottom and the pianoforte, discovering like a skillful small musician.A great passion for the music blooms therefore that will transmit strong emotions to it in passing of its experience. To 17 years s’inserisce like public relation in the Manatthan discotheque, where it discovers and it cultivates the love for music to high rhythm. E’ therefore that for game it begins to propose its first discs in organized festivities from friends. Slowly slowly its musical acquaintance grows and its bramosia of notoriety and to exhibit its talent makes itself more and more important. To the age of 18 years, therefore, she buys its first system for being able itself to improve. Happening in the Veneto, which Prince Maurice, Marzio Dance, Luca Antolini and many has the fortune to know artists of remarkable others; for merit of these, it perfects its competence. Participating, moreover to numerous DJ CONTEST, under the aegis of the art, the technique and the show, it has the opportunity to be confronted with other great emerged musical talents. One of these, that he will remember in particular, sara dj contest in the discotheque Station 909 of Padova, passed with a beloved the friend, Peter Pan! Through these crash-encounter, the new acquaintances, the new experiences sfociano in new collaborations, and therefore in increase, above all professional; that involves to one development of the intellectual baggage and ideologies and technique of execution of Massimo.Its main objective is to diffuse the art of music with seriousness and professionality, being recognized the satisfactions like spirit and motor of its passion. Maximum has intentional to maintain unchanged, in passing of the increase of its talent, those hard characteristics that a job thinks fundamental so that and is appreciated: the passion for the art and above all for music, the seriousness and a continuous modernization that comes true through intercultural encounter (the last one in Mexico) and I listen.