Mass Destruction Beatport



Tete Marantika better known as dj Mass Destruction is born on 02-10-1985 in Apeldoorn. His passion for music starts at a young age due to his father who always played the gitar. He decided to put his son on gitarlessons. But he soon found out that he didn’t like it. Soon after that a friend came to him on the primary school with an Hardcore CD. At that moment his love for electronic music was born. When he was sixteen years old he went to Innercity and saw Marco V in action, then he realised that’s what he wants to do. So he asked his mother for some decks and a mixer. Feeling uncertain for a long time with this music, because he still didn’t know what he really wanted to play. Untill the day came that he saw Rude awakening for the first time at Club r_AW, it was a mixture between techno and hardcore. On that moment he found out what kind of music he really wanted to play. This was the music he was looking for! It had the elements that he wanted and that is RYTHM and RAW BEATS.