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To experience a Mason Bach live performance is to witness an artist with a seemingly unending enthusiasm for his craft. Trying to stop this man in any way from feverishly bouncing up and down over his laptop and arsenal of MIDI gadgets during one his shows would be a truly unwise choice. The uninitiated can’t help but notice his gleaming ear to ear grin, which lasts from the second he begins his set until well after his encore track. For devotees on the other hand, this only further proves something he’s already well-acknowledged for; there’s absolutely nothing Mason Bach finds more exhilarating than performing a slamming live techno set.

In the studio, somehow he manages to combine all of that raw creativity with a finely tailored production style resulting in a sonic stamp that is unquestionably his own. That unique sound led him to original releases on labels such as Killing Machine and FineGrind Audio as well as remix opportunities for a range of artists from Subfractal, Mellee Fresh to Jully Black and everything in between. Never one to stick to the status quo, Bach is pushing at the fabric of electronic music and he holds a keen sense of collaboration as part of that vision. In just the last 2 years he’s managed to form the ‘other half’ of various projects including Elburz & Bach, Beauty and The Breakdown, Airheart, and the quickly-emerging techno duo Gridmode. Consider also that he is a classically trained violinist with numerous accolades to his name in that field, heavily influencing the sound you hear from him today. Combine this with his penchant for novel human interface and controller design and it’s virtually game over. These are the traits that characterize Mason Bach as a true performer and separate him from the common DJ. And his crowd knows it.

Upon delving deeper into his musical history, one realizes this acutely persistent energy has driven every project he’s ever been involved with. As the in-house sound tech for the world-famous Guvernment nightclub for 3 years, he provided sound and support for some of the biggest DJs on the planet. Little did he know, only a few years later he’d be performing there himself. He has also performed at all the Toronto hotspots including Footwork, Comfort Zone, Li’ly Lounge and Toika, and internationally in Miami, Japan and Holland.

Mason Bach works out of his studio in Toronto and balances his time between his own production, working with new and emerging artists and managing his own imprint, Rhythmethod Recordings.