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Marzetti (Real name Jason Marzetti aka Dj Xu) began DJ?ing at age 12. Marzetti?s foundation of Techno and Acid Techno was soon built upon by Dub, Garage and now topped with the flavors of Electro, Funky & Progressive House. By age 14 he founded Houseunderground Productions, throwing small underground parties going by the name ?Mission?. By age 18 he had the privilege of performing numerous local parties as well as at major centers across North America (Including Detroit, Windsor & Hawaii). With a history of musical theory & playing piano at a younger age, it wasn?t long before he picked up producing.

Currently at age 26, he?s produced for Equal Records in Italy (home of popular artists like Luis Radio, Danny ‘Buddah’ Morales’ and many others), Tendenzia Records (home to artists Funky Junction, Sergio Matina, Splashfunk & Dj Fader) and his own label Sovereign House Records launched in 2007. Marzetti has worked with major artists like MC Duke (Virgin, FFRR, V2, Ministry of Sound – UK), General Levy (DMC, Talkin? Loud, Polydor, EMI – UK), Workidz (Toolroom, DiscoGalaxy, Tigereye – HU), Keepers Of Melody (Universal, Tendenzia, Sheeva, V.O.T.U. – IT), Sergio Matina (Universal, Tendenzia, Sheeva, V.O.T.U. ? IT), Hirshee (Blow Media, Gossip – CA) & Black Shine (Beatwork, Tendenzia – IT).

With producing taking off he also has a radio show 6 years running, broadcasting Saturday nights from 9pm-10pm (Canadian/U.S. Mountain Time) on CJSR 88.5 FM called Houseunderground FM. The HUFM podcast now has over 4000 subscribers alone and see?s between 5000-7000 unique downloads per month via the iTunes Podcast.

Also known as: Not Marzetti, Slow Fukin, Mr. Chuckles, Xulander & Xu.