Maryon Rags Beatport


Above all, jazz. Follow blues, soul, funk, classic and psychedelic rock, reggae, hip-hop. As a European birthright, Kraftwerk has always been there. In America, early German trance and the vast soundscape of Detroit techno (first minimal techno of Jeff Mills and Robert Hood, then a plethora of Detroit variants: house, electro, ghetto-tech, techno bass). Back in Europe, mid 90s, minimal techno scene in London: clubbing and raving at its finest. Follow German minimal techno and electro and a Residency at HD800, Germany’s best underground club and organization. Back in America, year 2000, with a PhD in Philosophy and Aesthetics, at Louisiana State University, teaches the first course in American academic history that deals with electronic music and culture. And return to his old love ?? house music ?? and a Residency at the legendary New Orleans circuit club OZ. Dancing never stops. All along, perfects his DJ skills, attaining unsurpassable fluency and dynamism of what he calls my sexxquisite tech-house.