DJ Mary has been into electronic music since the end of the eighties beginning of ninetines, when he started with a refreshing choice of hard funky music, enriched with EBM... read more
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DJ Mary has been into electronic music since the end of the eighties beginning of ninetines, when he started with a refreshing choice of hard funky music, enriched with EBM (electronic body music), Acid House, New Beat and others.

More than 18 years of DJ-ing experiences, ardent dedication, and a unique choice of music (varying from one set to another) have modelled a DJ/Producer, who enjoys a big respect and popularity at the Croatian electronic music scene. His deep love of electronic music has produced an equisite music taste, which is the primary source of inspiration for his work. He uses his technical skills to perfection, playing with mathematically structured tech tech sequences and moods, while hypnotising the audience with relentlessly percussive driving beats. He like dj sets fluctuate between being hypnotic and powerful, and he love to knit into them the musical influences mentioned above. Music taste built on electronic music of the 80s and 90s gave him a good basis for the work he doin’ nowdays, from deep tech to tech-house & deep-house. Mary has made it a rule to himself to always play music from the soul and with the soul.

DJ Mary has been successfully building a reputation as one of the most exciting Croatian DJs by playing alongside some of today’s most prominent world dj’s at major dance events and parties in Zagreb and other parts of Croatia, as well as abroad in Europe among others on Rave Nation (Antwerpen), Automatik (Paris), BTrax (Paris), Sweetpeak (Paris), Gonzosmile (Paris), MF System (Paris), In Your Face (Dijon), Risk (Dijon), Sub Bass (Metz), Generation Electronik (Marseille), TGP (Saint-Omer), Docks Home (Torino), Technoscope (Amsterdam), Dehumanized (Nijmegen), Sputnik (Zürich/Künten/Lahr), Stereodrome (Bratislava), Connect Yourself (Prague), Gazometer (Vienna), UFO (Skopje), Technodays (Istanbul), Electronic Moves (Linz),etc..

He has released ep’s and trax for french Choice Records 10 & 13, belgium Pornographic Recordings 10, german Northwest Dynamics 04, holland Work Hard Play Hard 07, french BTrax Records 03, Amazone Records 03, holland Patterns Special 13.5, greek Techhead Rec. 09, american Reldz Rec.017, + on his own Label Soul Access 01, 04, 05, and new trax in tech-house and deep house sound for his new label Audiometric Records 001, 002, 003 + romanian Behaviors Records 005, 009, croatian deep house label Soul Industries 031 + few others incoming..

2004 he start his own techno Label SOUL ACCESS through german Still-Music distribution (today on well known holland Triple Vision distribution).

Beginning of 2008 Dj Mary opened a new perspective label AUDIOMETRIC RECORDS and is more for tech-house and deep tech style of music, what Mary use to play at last time on many parties. He find himself long time ago in that groovy and atmospheric stuff, so next music will be in this direction on his own releases and from other artists on that label.

DJ MARY releases under projects:

DJ MARY – “Drumatic” ep (04/2004. Soul Access 01)

DJ MARY – “Automatik Drive” ep (06/2005. Soul Access 04)

DJ MARY – “Tranquility” ep incl. Leandro Gamez remix (06/2005. BTrax 03)

DJ MARY – “Balance” track on compilation “Croatia with love” ep (05/2005. Work Hard Play Hard 07)

DJ MARY – remix for Marco Asoleda track “Toundra” (05/2006. Amazone Records 03)

DJ MARY – “Flashback” track on Various Artist compilation EP (07/2008. Techhead Records 09)

DJ MARY – remix for Roman Zawodny & Lilonee track" Vengeance" (06/2008. Reldz Records 17)

DJ MARY – “Slowmotion” track on Various Artists EP “Minima” (08/2008. Pantano Beat 029)

DJ MARY & STARSYSTEM – “Mulambo” ep inc. Marcelinho Cic rmx (09/2005. Soul Access 05)

DJ MARY & STARSYSTEM – “Rollin’ and Feelin” ep (01/2008. Patterns Special)

DJ MARY & MDR – “Just Believe” EP (12/2009. Behaviors Rec 005)

DJ MARY & MDR – “Just Believe” – Remix EP (10/2010. Behaviors Rec 009)

DJ MARY & MDR – “Don’t go too far” EP (10/2010. Soul Industries 031)

DJ MARY track “Balance” on Various Artists compilation « The Sound Of Techno Garden Party » (06/2005)

DJ MARY – remix for DAV track “I Don’t Mind” (09/2009. Audiometric Records 001)

DJ MARY – remix for Examine track “Modular” (12/2009. Audiometric Records 002)

DJ MARY – remix for Tiago S track “And Demons” (06/2010. Audiometric Records 003)

DJ MARY track “Drumatic” on Various Artists compilation « Tecnolandia 2004 » (09/2004)

MAR-TEX – “Maska” ep (02/2004. Choice Records 013)

MAR-TEX – “Bazen” ep (09/2003. Northwest Dynamics 04)

MAR-TEX on PORNOGRAPHIC RECORDINGS – Various Artists 2xEP (07/2003. Pornographic 010)

MAR-TEX – “Kindergarten 1” ep (06/2002. Choice Records 010)

PRINCIPIA AUDIOMATICA – “Systematic Sonority” cd album (1995. Minus Habens Records 031)

IMPLANT CODE – “Biodigit” mini cd (1993. Minus Habens Records 020)

CLUBS & VENUES: Rex Club – Paris (many times), Batofar Club – Paris, La Scene Bastille – Paris, Au Cheval d’Or Club – Paris, Le Chateau du Vivier – Fontenay Tresigny, L’Anfer Club – Dijon, Rio Electro Club – Dijon, La Vapeur – Dijon, L’etoile Club – Metz, L’after Club – Amneville, Marseille – Pallace Hall, Hemelvaart Squat – Amsterdam, Zyon Club – Amsterdam, Doornrosje Club – Nijmegen, Extrem Club – Affligem (near Antwerpen), Minus 1 Club (Zürich/Künten),Universal D.O.G. (Lahr), Paradogs Club – Prague, Radost FX Club – Prague, Machovo Jezero – near Prague, Bernolak Club / Stereodrome – Bratislava, Istanbul – Yakuza Factory Club, Gazometer – Vienna, Cazin Club (Cembrankeller) – Linz, Docks Home – Torino, Ambasada Gavioli (1 year resident 99/2000) – Izola, K4 Club – Ljubljana, Hala Golovec – Celje, BKC, CDA, Sloga Club, Olympic Hall Zetra – Sarajevo, Colosseum Club – Skopje, Valkana Beach (Grobnik), etc..