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Mary Jane

Memphis, United States

Tech House, Techno

Freaquewave Records
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DJ Mary Jane-Memphis, TN

Electric Soul Patrol, Journees Music, Remix Culture, LFO Radio, Bang Tech 12

DJ, Promoter, Producer, Music Lover

years DJing-since 1990

genres- tech house, techno, minimal, tribal, progressive, funky house, acid, electro, dub, breaks, club classics, hard trance, deep house, moody tech, true electro

Mary Jane has spent the last two decades centered around underground electronica and rave & DJ culture. She has often been called the “grandmother of the Memphis scene” and helped pioneer and further the Memphis underground. In the past, she has owned, operated and bought for 2 different record stores in the Memphis area, Millennium Records and an online record store and DJ shop, Electric Soul Patrol. Mary Jane also promotes events with her crew ESP, Electric Soul Patrol, and has been a vital element throughout the South and Mid-West. She has performed in over 20 different cities and spun at several hundred nightclubs, massives, one-off’s, and events, as well has held numerous club residencies, including Hard Rock Café, Escape, XYZ, Nocturnal, Full Moon, amongst others.

In the past Mary Jane was well known for her aggressive, pounding techno and blistering hard trance. Currently she is able to become a chameleon of sorts under her DJ guise and spin various underground styles with ease and precision. Mary Jane enjoys spinning heavy bass driven tracks with driving synths….everything from funky and uplifting to progressive and moving to dark and serious or moody and minimal. She often takes the listener on a rollercoaster ride of emotion, layering melodies together and mixing the tracks for extensive periods of time. She can perform for any crowd and any condition and has a genuine knack for reading a crowd. Mary Jane’s hypnotic techy rhythms of house, techno,tribal, progressive and even breakbeats are enjoyed by crowd’s worldwide. Her seamless mixing skills, vast knowledge of music producers, labels, DJ gear etc has propelled her into the forefront.

Mary Jane has graced the stage with such world recognized talent as Paul Oakenfold, Sandra Collins, Timo Maas, Christopher Lawrence, DJ Garth, Doc Martin, Rabbit in the Moon, DJ Monk, Frankie Bones, Nigel Richards, Simply Jeff, John Kelly, Larry Heard, Boo Williams, DJ Liquid, Thee-O, DJ Huggie, Adam X, Keevens (Live PA), Richie Hawtin, Colette, DJ Heather, Mark Farina, The Crystal Method, Evil 9, Deepsky, Leon Alexander, Terrence Dixon, D.D. R., Andy Hughes, Baby Anne, DJ Icey, Omar Santana, DRC, Quivver, Max Graham, Spacegirl, Micro, Dieselboy, Forest Green, Pleasurehead, R.A.W., Skylab 2000, Bam Bam, DJ Funk, CJ Bolland, Boombox, Donald Glaude, George Acosta, Dave London, D-Fuse, Woody McBride, Feelgood, Stacey Kidd, John Larner, Craze, Dylan, Evol Intent, Adam Freeland, Richard Vission, Prototype 909, Bassnectar, Jackal & Hyde, Tech Itch, Astral Projection, Vitamin D, Krafty Kuts and many more.

In the past she has partnered up with such well known promoters as Donnie Estopinal aka Disco of Disco Productions out of New Orleans and across the U.S. and Eric Lee aka DJ Liquid of San Francisco, and brought international talent to the Memphis area.

Behind the scenes she also has been a sound and lighting engineer as well as being a part of the roster of Journees Music and Remix Culture out of San Francisco, headed by DJ Liquid. Journees/Remix has been introducing the freshest clothing, music and events since 1991.

On the Journees Music label she has released some of her own material which has been remixed by world reknown producer & DJ, Burufunk, as well as Phat Chadd. Mary Jane has also remixed a track by Burufunk, called “Supercharger” which will be released on the Journees Music imprint as well. She has been whipping out tracks at a furious pace and gotten a well deserved nod by many of her cohorts. On Journees she has also released The Pipe Dreams EP, as well as remixes for Spectromanski and Stormy Rayner.

She is also releasing tunes on the Memphis based label, Freaquewave Records. Check out “Sucker Punch”, “Plastic Dolls”, and “Springboard” so far on the label.

DJ Mary Jane is also a part of the infamous Bang Tech 12 artist crew, representing Tennessee. Bang Tech 12 is a group of amazing and talented dj’s and producers from around the world, focusing on underground electronic music. They hold an annual pre party every year for the Detroit Electronic Music Fest and are highly respected and praised by those in the know. :)

Currently she resides on LFO Radio every Tuesday with her online radio show “Release” from 8p to 10p CST.

Her legendary sets have been listened to world wide. She will continue to spread her unique and infectious sounds across the states as well as producing top quality music for the massives.

Tune in every Tuesday from 8p to 10p CST to check her out online mixing live on “Release” on LFO Radio, with the best underground tech house, techno, tribal and deep progressive.