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Whitley Bay, United Kingdom

Tech House, Techno

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My dj name is Marvin-UR90 and I am from Whitley Bay which is in the north East of England, I play a lot of different types of underground electronic music as I have about 2000 records so describing my dj style isn’t easy but the overall sound that I play has been described as having a strong connection with Detroit. I play house, then I will mix in some slower techno I do this with music at about 128 bpm and keep alternating between house and techno. As well as changing genres I change from soulful and uplifting tracks to deep and dark music and back again, I also gradually increase the tempo of the records and play more and more techno.

The next type of music is played at about 136 bpm and is funky and deep techno with as a guide the Axis and Purpose Maker sound being a reference. During this set I will play around a lot with the intensity during the mix while keeping it deep I gradually play harder, darker more hypnotic sounds but because a lot of the tracks are produced by people from Detroit my style has been described as Detroit music.