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Berlin, Germany

Breaks, Techno

AKA: Marusha Aphrodite Glei

Low Sprit Recordings GmbH, Motor Digital, Motor Music
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Without fear of exaggeration, Marusha – born on November 18, 1966 in Nürnberg and now living in Berlin – can safely be regarded as the best-known female DJ in the world. In the last few years, she’s traveled to nearly every part of the globe, enthralling countless fans with her one-of-a-kind “Marusha DJ set”.

Marusha’s unparalleled career began in Berlin in 1991 with her radio program “Dancehall”, broadcast every Saturday on the youth station DT 64. When DT 64 was forced to stop broadcasting, Marusha changed the frequency and the name of her radio program. From then on, the Berlin radio station “Fritz” started broadcasting “Rave Satellite”, created and presented by Marusha, once a week on 102.6 MHz.

But this was not enough for the multi-talented media star. Marusha also took the German-speaking television world by surprise with her youth program “Feuerreiter”, which was broadcast successfully for 2 _ years on the TV stations ORB and later on ARD.

1994 was a milestone in Marusha’s career. With “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, she had her biggest hit to date (reaching Number 3 in the Media Control charts and going platinum with more than 500,000 copies sold). A techno track had never reached such a high position in the charts before and the follow-up single “It Takes Me Away” was also a great success, going gold. In summer 1994 Marusha released her debut album “Raveland”, one of the most successful dance albums to date.

Marusha’s success continued in 1995. As well as countless gigs at almost all the trend-setting parties in the techno/house scene both in Germany and abroad, she was awarded the “VIVA Comet 95” for “Best Techno Act” and the “Echo Award 95” for “Best Female Artist National”. Marusha was also nominated for “Best Female Artist” at the 1994 MTV Awards.

After a one-year break from the studio in which she worked countless hours as a DJ, a new track was finally released in 1995. It was as if she had never been away when the single “Deep” rocketed up the charts, reaching Number 12 in the Media Control charts. The following simultaneous releases, like the single “Unique” or the album “Wir” – Marusha’s tribute to everyone who is part of the Techno-House scene – continued her success.

After “Secret”, the fans had to wait awhile for more of Marusha until she finally gave us something new in February 1997. In “Ur Life” she drew on the many experiences she had and the people she met on her travels, combining all of this with a meaningful message. More mature musically, she playfully incorporated elements of Hip Hop, Techno & New Wave in this track, creating a new type of channel sound. The single had an immediate impact in the club scene and then, as expected, entered the charts (Number 34 in the Media Control single charts).

In early spring 98, Marusha’s new single “Free Love” was released on Low Spirit Rec. Her distinctive will and her impulsive behavior have helped Marusha into the position she’s in today. This single is also a confident track you can really dance to which, despite Marusha’s clear musical development, still has her unmistakable style. This record with hit potential impressively reveals her real strengths – powerful riffs, a pure voice sample and perfectly-timed arrangement characterize the groove of “Free Love”.