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Martyn Antony

Barcelona, Spain

House, Tech House

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Martyn Antony started djing back in 1992 as a hobby at the age of only 13 years old, in those days with some very simple belt drive decks.

A few years later at the age of 16 started djing in Fusion, Spain helped out by his brother & partner (owners of Fusion) did this for a couple of years generally mixing house music, garage and later on in the night techno. After this great experience in those days working with Technics Decks decided to look on…

At this point he started to get known around the area & started mixing one off nights in various local clubs.

Eventually the oportunity came ahead covering a resident DJ that failed in Hacienda club Javea! Club that fitted 2000 people inside this great Garden Club, it wasn’t exactly Martyn Antony’s style as generally played R&B, Soul ETC.. But helped out to his DJ Experience on the decks & to be prepared in front of so many people. One night the owner of the club told him that he had a comment from a client that has been frequenting the club during 25 years & said that it was the best DJ he had ever heard!

Since then Martyn Antony moved to Barcelona where he took a break from the music scene to build a family… now has 2 kids & is a married man! (sorry ladies!)

In 2011 he decided he wanted to return to the Music Scene as his passion for music would not let him live without it! Found that everything had changed VYNIL?? some people don’t even know the meaning! of course it was time to learn again with PIONEER decks so he bought himself some new equipment & got started but found he was still missing new tecniques & decided to Join the Barcelona’s now Famous Club DJ Academy PLASTIC BCN learning things that never knew even existed by Plastic’s teacher Jordi Carreras (Resident DJ in Amnesia Ibiza’s Main room) + many special guest Masterclasses from artists such as Albert Neve, André Vizenzzo, David Obek, David Gausa, Jose AM, Rafa Mendoza, Oriol Torres..

Along with this started slowly learning in Musical Production and making some remixes in Beatport helps a lot to start this off…

At the end of the course in The DJ Academy, Martyn Antony was named the Best DJ of the promotion 54 in the academy & has been granted with a full pro production course that Starts JAN 14, this course will be a great help to grow as a producer and look on further from the spanish borders!

Now looking for residencies in Barcelona area & delighted to assist one off festivals anywhere!!