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DJ story

This tall sympathetic guy from Holland is a DJ for a lot of years. He started DJing in 1994 playing Mellow, and after two years Martino’s style became Club and at the moment he found his deejay-roots in Techno.

His interest in electronic music became when he listened to Equinox by Jean Michel Jarre. He started to listen to the radio and was introduced to deejays. He started practicing with belt drive turntables he got as a gift from his parents when he graduated, but after a while he was one of the first in his town with the original Technics SL 1200’s. By comparing his tape mixes with other mixes recorded on the radio, he improved his own mixing skills, and became well known for his technique. By sending these tapes to the local DJ-hero’s he was asked to be the guest DJ in the local clubs and radio shows. After a while he became a resident DJ, and is happily spinning ever since.

Because of the dissatisfaction about the high costs on raves, Martino also organized his own rave, with low prices and a lot of great acts. The evening was a success. And because of all his experience he was asked to be a member of the judge on three DJ-contests.

At the moment Martino aims more on producing, and less on deejaying, a positive turning point in his career.

Producer story

Even as early as 1985 he started making his own minimixes the old style using a tape recorder and the Jazz tapes of his dad. After that he started using the computer with existing samples in the old sequencer-software Voyetra on the PC of his brother. But he wanted to become a more professional producer, so as from 1993 he started using Cubase and he bought his own gear and produced tracks like crazy. Nowadays Martino aims more on producing then being a DJ. He entered a lot of Remix contests and listened to other work to improve his own skills. And this paid off. From the beginning of this year he was asked by New York label System Recordings to release his first track on their label, he got his first remix deal which was release on Bas Kunnen’s remix-album Lucid Dreams the remixes, and he got the interest of other DJ’s and producers. The future is becoming brighter for Martino.