Top 25k on The DJ List

Martin Taylor

Rhyl, United Kingdom



Its actually apparent that when his mother was expecting him, he would be going crazy inside her body at the local discos which may have contributed to the excellent ear he has for great music today, you see, good music is part of my family tree, smiles Martin, as his dad was a full time DJ in his younger days, playing a great mix of 70s disco classics through to his main passion, soul (northern) & Motown, as any great music lover of the 60s/70s would agree, this was the sound of the best clubs all over the world.

So as his marriage and fatherhood commitments grew, so saw the reduction of full time DJing as he retired early into mobile DJing (weddings, birthdays, retirements etc), of which he would take Martin along to with a view to exposing him to the basic art of entertaining people with. These gigs helped him to get into shape with basic party tunes and some more specialized music from the 50s-90s, from Disco to Motown to Soul to 80s Cheese and 90s Dance/House.

Fast forward to teenage youth, where he would curiously follow the commercial charts and listen to his older brothers mix tapes from the popular nightclubs he frequented in the local area, like between 1994-1998. He would remain open minded and appreciated all forms of commercial dance music, from D:Ream, Toni Di Bart, Byron Stingily, Alex Party, Masters at Work and 2 Unlimited to name just a very small selection!! This curiosity lead to him tuning into the regions live club nights on the radio stations across the North West of England and North Wales, which gave him an invisible insight to how DJs read capacity crowds with dance music which ultimately lead to the obsession of becoming a baseball cap bedroom dance DJ at 16.

For a long time he would spend at least half of his weeks wages every Saturday afternoon at HMV buying vinyl, having convinced his parents that it was a smart move investing in some Technics1210s for him to practice on. His earlier vinyl collecting hobby was focused on buying euphoric trance, before moving with the times and playing hip hop / RnB for another 18 months. However he eventually realized that his main passion and talent lay with house music, which is what you can catch him playing right now!

After getting a leg up with an old friend into doing a couple of commercial venues in his home town aged 19, which were owned by Luminar Leisure, Martin was soon recognized for his blinding sets and was used in more than 10 of the regions best clubs, (all ran by Luminar), and as any DJ will agree, knowing your stuff is important, but knowing the right people in the business is so much more important!! After various networking solutions and meeting and greeting he was soon booked to play at clubs all over the UK, up and down the map and in just four years has toured in other countries, including Abu Dhabi, Detroit, Ibiza and Puerto Banus, working with some great club tours and big names in the industry from Brandon Block to HED KANDI, to Abigail Bailey to Peyton.

So in the midst of a relatively busy schedule at the end of summer 2006, Martin received an invitation to move over to Singapore to work for the phenomenal Ministry of Sound on an exciting new project, which included working at the cannery, an exciting new $70m development opened and ran by Ministry of Sound, Singapore

( Duties will include playing at brand new internal bars and clubs within the cannery, including the Kandi Bar (a full tribute to HED KANDI UK), the F Bar, Aurum, Bar Fly and the Clinic Super club to name just a few, without of course, forgetting various guest spots at the king of the hill Ministry of Sound.

So heres to another big year as we approach Christmas 2006-2007 is to be the best yet and who knows where we will find him this time next year!!