Martin Merkel isn’t a name with an implicit link to Electronic Dance Music but in the last 18 months this name appears from time to time in some corners. For all those who ... read more
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Location: Iffezheim, Germany Germany
Genre: Tech House, Techno
Labels: Shelter 54, Shelter 54

Martin Merkel isn’t a name with an implicit link to Electronic Dance Music but in the last 18 months this name appears from time to time in some corners. For all those who get in touch with his productions and catch just a small insight of Martins huge diversity he’s part and parcel of electronic music.

Just in time for the anniversary of the French Revolution Martin was born 1971 in Iffezheim near Baden-Baden and this date of birth apparently modified some genetic programs. Despite all educational efforts within an introspective environment Martin became more and more an enfant terrible with lunatic ambitions. At the age of 18 a clubowner left him the choice between to split or to do it better behind the decks after Martin called him names in his typical cocky way. Needless to say that Martin climbed up to the booth and effectively rocked the floor in a few moments. Overnight he achieved his first residency, after a few months he played frequently in the appropriate clubs around the french-german frontier.

His strong addiction to electronic music led him to be an early adopter of the upcoming Acid and Techno movement. Due to the rapid development of the revolutionary techno scene DJ Martin became one of the first most wanted Headliners in France in the early nineties. In 1992 he brought with his boring life during the week and moved to Cannes without being able to speak any French word. For over 10 years he kept his position as one of the Top French DJs, performed with rather every international Top Artist and established himself with several famous releases under divers Aliases like M Faces even as requested producer.

With increasing commercialization the philosophy and passion for the music lost ground and the dark sides of the heavy party business depressed the sensitive guy more and more until the next tipping point occurred. Martin cancelled all jobs, gave away his valuable equipment including a massive record collection and went down and out back home to Iffezheim. After some recreation an old friend persuaded Martin to start up a completely new business far away from music but with his passion for cars and therefore also this business necessarily must become successful. After seven years of steady life a fatal disease confined him to home but opened as well a way out of his musical exile. At the end of the day the recovery caused two number one as far as two top ten albums and several releases by Martin Merkel or his aliases as e.g. the „Chemical Boy“ which is the most meaningful one. Although his massive but versatile creative output any production is similar to another and every single track shows his attention to detail and high quality.

Early 2012 Martin founded his first Label Shelter 54 which has grown up to an entire label family with numerous releases by assorted artists and Martin Merkel himself as far by his chars. At the Beginning of 2013 Martin decided to make the labels more public and established first contacts with music magazines. Some open doors brought him to new fellows who have been supportive in many ways since then. With his third artist album Martin marks his next turning point with a clear direction; Enjoy your life and step out onto the stage. And if you strongly follow just this most important universal rule: „Love your live and just do what you really wanna do“ you will definitely make the right choices.

Extract from Discography (since 2011)

Martin Merkel:

Welcome to Earth Artist Album (July 2013)

In Motion Artist Album (2012)

Dance All Night Artist Album (2011)

Ilum EP (Mai 2013)

Earthlings EP (2013)

Chicano EP (2013) feat. Tim Tintin

Dragon Years EP (2012)

Don’t let me go EP

Green Grass & Dreams (2012)

Spagetti (2012) feat. Mario H.

Troopers (2012)

Twighlight (2012) feat Seb True Spirit

303 Rocker (2012)

As Chemical Boy & M Faces:

Chemical Boy: Party Babe Remix EP (2013)

M Faces: Crazy EP (2013)

Chemical Boy: Serenity EP (2012)

Chemical Boy: Zimmer Musik Artist Album (2012)

Chemical Boy: Disco Steps Artist Album (2011)

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Martin Merkel