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Martin Broszeit

Hamburg, Germany

Chill Out, House

Jarla Beats, Salto Recordings
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Martin Broszeit born 20 July 1972 in Hamburg, found at 17 his way behind the turntables. Initially, he inspired the audience with hip-hop and Hip House

Insider Tip and DJ Longplayer Martin Broszeit was born in Hamburg in 1972. He started spinning at the age of 17, mainly focussing on HipHop and HipHouse back then. Now he is into Deep & Mellow Tech House & Techno.

Later on in 2001, he formed “Smart System” together with his production mate Chopstick (now a days Labelowner of Suol and Producer of Fritz Kalkbrenner). One of their tunes found its place on Tiestos “Nyana” compilation. Two more tunes were signed by Germany’s House veteran Oliver Moldan.

Now working on his first Album comes out on Jarla Beats.

The distinctive style is very much in demand. Here Booking and resident stations:

Tribehouse Neuss, Poison Club and Ratinger Hof Dusseldorf, Hanover Rose Club, Playground Cologne, Stuttgart and Toy reactor Buhl, Love Field Festival, Nature One Festival and Castle Innerstein.


Wenn es um elektronische Musik geht, geht es immer um ihn!

Martin Broszeit geboren am 20. Juli 1972 in Hamburg, fand bereits mit 17 Jahren

seinen Weg hinter die Turntables. Anfangs begeisterte er sein Publikum mit Hip Hop

und Hip House. Heute fühlt er sich sich bei Deep House/Nu Disco heimisch.

Der unverwechselbarer Stil ist sehr gefragt. Hier ein Auszug aus seinen zahlreichen Bookings und Resident Stationen:

Tribehouse Neuss, Poison Club und Ratinger Hof Düsseldorf, Rose Club Hannover,

Playground Köln, Toy Stuttgart und Reaktor Bühl, Lovefield Festival, Nature One

Festival und Schloss Innerstein.


Smart Systems /“Step One/Morgentau“ (Superfly)

Smart System “Devotion”

Casus Belli “Cirque” Fittipaldi Silly Spider


Wackside vs. Sister Sledge “We Lost in Music” Smart System Remix (Polydor)


Tiesto Nyana “Morgentau” Black Hole Recordings

j-7 Music No6. Chill & House “Devotion”

State of Affair “Night & Day” Salto Records