Top 25k on The DJ List

Marshall Jones

Orlando, United States



Marshall Jones started out in the scene in the mid 99 year. Just like a lot of people who are inspired by the scene, Marshall was all about dancing and enjoying the nightlife. The more he wanted to dance, the more in depth he got with the Electronic Music culture. Driven by the 4/4 beats played at his favorite hang out, Gotham Nightclub (Chapel Hill, NC), he started asking “How can I do this?” He immediately thirsts for the knowledge and sought out for answers. Through this, he landed in the guidance of Hotwax Harley and the Radiance crew. By him already having a presence amongst the crew, he slowly started promoting for the Wednesday night show called Radiance. In the duration of this time, he got the itch which most music junkies get. Later on, at the age of 19, Marshall bought records, sat down with his crew and took in the skills of DJing. From the teachings of Hotwax Harley, DJ Slipstream, A.D. and the rest of the family, he started molding himself into something special. Being in a musically spiritual home, I heard everything from Soul, Gospel, Funk, R & B, Hip Hop, Rock, Country, and of course Disco. Within this, that is when he discovered his heart was House Music. Between 2000 and 2002, Marshall played anywhere he could. From NC, VA, to SC, he knew that his style was very unique. I love to play all styles of House. From Discotheque to Latin, from Deep to Tech-House, it is just the progression of it all. I love records by such artist such as Olav Basoski, Roger Sanchez, Josh Wink, and the list goes on. Chunky but funky is my motto!" NC was his home to start out, but now he resides in Orlando, FL., where he linked up with multiple groups to see what Orlando had to offer. Through the time he managed to become successful working as a Large Music Rep. and creating a group with his friends called Brownsville. Marshall Jones has the heart and passion of music running through every fiber of his being and it is through that essence which will keep him moving for years to come.