Marouane J Beatport


Born in 1988, Marouane Janati Idrissi « DJ MaRouAnE » became faithful and devoted to music from the crib. In 2005, at the young age of 17, this interest blossomed as he started mixing, thus concretizing his passion. Being influenced by artists such as Micha Moor, David Vendetta, and Benny Bennassi, he found himself in the Electronic music scene, a fact he came to discover after buying and listening to the Wild Fm CD series and Radio Show. As a result of his exposure to a few live streams from nightclubs, Marouane knew he wanted to launch a career as a DJ and producer, hence became determined to invade the Moroccan scene and leave his personal touch. At the age of 19, Marouane became attracted to house music in all its shades, especially Electro and progressive house. Giving freedom to his preferences to surface, he found himself drawn towards these two styles that became his signature types in mixing. Now, at the age of 21, DJ MaRouAnE has played at numerous of Morocco?s shows and clubs, but there is much more still to come.