Top 50k on The DJ List


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Marnix Beatport


His love for music truly began back in 1985, when eleven year-old Marnix was touched by disco and decided to start his own drive-in show. The disco-fever from the seventies and eighties still forms an important element in his work, which can be characterized as a mix of various styles of dance music. Spinning his records for over 15 years now he has specialized in disco, garage, club, deephouse, breakbeat, techno and deep trance: in every type of music he carried through his particular taste and style.

Because Marnix has never limited himself to one kind of music he reaches a wide audience and his DJ-career has provided him with experience at many different parties. This long-term orientation explains his strength as a DJ: he’s able to gauge the atmosphere correctly in any situation and can therefore entertain the audience in every way.

These days DJ Marnix has become an established name in Amsterdam and environs. In a very lucrative way he has accomplished his own success by organizing the Loveland Foundation parties. Their unique locations are in part responsible for the creation of a natural and intimate atmosphere. The last few years Marnix has successfully put his stamp upon Dutch nightlife and, by creating his own freedom, never has to make any concessions music-wise.

For the time being, the high point for Marnix has been the success of the Sunday afternoon parties called “T-Dansant”, which have created a much-needed buzz in Amsterdam.

At the moment Marnix is resident DJ at Sinners in Heaven (Amsterdam), playing weekly at his own club night ‘Thank God it’s Friday’. On Saturdays and Sundays he plays throughout the whole country and abroad together with (inter) national top-DJ’s. He also has found his way to the studio, which will result in several single-releases in the next year.…

A selection of DJ-gigs:

Clubs: Escape, Sinners, Roxy, It, Ministry, Marcanti (Amsterdam), Nighttown, Now & Wow, Off-corso (Rotterdam), Stalker (Haarlem), Waakzaamheid, Lexion (Zaandam), Night Live (Maastricht), Amnesia, KM5 (Ibiza), Dynamo (Kiev-Ukraine), Mambo (Curaçao), Meccano (Firenze-Italy), The Arena (Pamplona-Spain)….

Parties and other events: Main Stage Sensation 2003, Ministry of Sound tour Holland, Dance Valley, Mysteryland, Impuls, Sanddance parties (Woodstock, Bloemendaal aan zee), Silly Symphonies, Healers, Filmfestival Cannes (France), beachparties (Curaçao, Aruba), Loveland parties…