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Markov Defect

London, United Kingdom

Progressive House, Tech House

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Lee Markov founder of Markov Defect & Markov Defect Records was born on 20th of may 1981 in Moscow Russia.21 years later and having grown into a genuine Muscovite,Lee found himself moving-and-shaking in London-the world´s capital of house music.Lee has found his personality and matured as an artist in London scene and then wrapped it all up and took it South- to the sunny Spain,where people don´t sleep all summer long and raw Beach Clubs are filled with beautiful people and out of the earth House Music!

Lee has been peforming in Russia,UK,Spain-Ibiza Island.Back in the day people used to call him,Space Man´as Markov used to submerge into music,to take charg of it in every way possible.The music he plays is for real house music epicureans-hand picked,carefully sourced, and served on a silver platter with the grace and style a superb house music deserves.