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Mark Verbos

Chicago, United States


CSM, DJAX Upbeats, Doojee
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In 1993 Milwaukee and it’s surrounding cities (Madison, Minneapolis, Chicago) had a scene that was world renown for it’s hardcore and acid party’s. Mark Verbos grew up there and started out playing live and DJing at that time, which led him to appearances around the world as well as releases on many top techno labels, including Reload, Planet Rhythm, Wavescape, Drop Bass, Djax-Up-Beats and his own Simple Answer. His version of techno still holds true to all the ideals he came to appreciate during this seminal time in underground electronic music. Both his solo records and DJ sets are hard and unique, pushing crowds into a frenzy and setting him apart from the droves of other DJ/producers.

By the beginning of 1995 Mark was studying recording engineering the internationally acknowledged technical school Full Sail. Upon completion of the program, he helped to build StudioChicago, a high-end recording studio. When the studio was finished he worked full time there starting as an assistant and eventually getting work as an engineer. During this period he worked sessions with legends of Chicago music including Farley, Ralphie Rosario, M Doc, Mike Dunn, Vince Lawrence, Van Christie, Braxton Holmes and the Final Cut. Time became a luxury as he worked 80 hour weeks with other people. Mark then decided to cut down on his engineering jobs to focus on his own music. He went on 2 tours in Europe with DJ Rush. Spending 6 weeks each time living in Berlin, in 1998 and 1999. It became clear that underground music was a powerful force in Europe and he needed to be there.

In 2000, Mark moved from Chicago to Berlin. While living there he played sets all over Europe, especially in the East (Slovakia, Czech Rep., Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia) where the scene was fresh. It was a joy exposing new crowds to his idea of dance music, and they responded. It was here in Germany, that the Simple Answer label came into fruition. Releasing only Mark’s music, it became the ultimate forum for his works. Now he could present each release as a concept. Every individual 12" embodying a collection of specifically selected works, packaged as he imagined.

As of 2003, Mark is living in New York City. He is not only working on music alone, but has returned to engineering and producing with other artists. He has mixed the new album from Gigolo act Crossover, Remixed the Neptunes, and worked on countless projects, both major label and independent, with his old Chicago friend Tommie Sunshine. It is Mark’s belief that music should have no boundaries. Although his DJing and solo releases remain true to his dark and hard reputation, when working with others he jumps from genre to genre without regard for what a song’s market might be. Techno, electro, house, pop, rock and punk are all just words to build walls around artists and on an individual song, any one of these words may describe it.