Mark Tarbox


Mark Tarbox grew up in the south shore of Massachusetts and moved to Boston in the eighties to attend Boston University. While studying at BU, Mark got his first DJ break at a Boston nightclub called CITI (now known as AVALON). Halfway through the evening partygoers were buzzing about Mark’s incredible music. Promoters of a new Boston nightclub (MAXIMUM SECURITY) heard Mark spin that night and begged him to be their resident DJ. A few weeks later, Mark was packing the club with his unique, energetic sound. Mark quickly developed a devout following. His name became synonymous with “happy music,” because Mark loves the vocal anthems… mixing the best of today with favorites from yesterday.

Mark made his first appearance in New York at the PAVILION on Fire Island. Many return engagements followed, and in 1992 Tarbox moved to Fire Island, where he became the resident DJ. His successes on Fire Island lead to two performances for The Saint-at-Large, both held at New York’s famed nightclub, THE ROXY. Suddenly the word was traveling around the country about Mark Tarbox and his uplifting sound. Circuit parties were just becoming popular in the early 90s and Tarbox became one of the first recognizable DJs to spin at these large-scale events. Mark performed repeatedly for huge events like HOTLANTA, THE WHITE PARTY in Palm Springs, THE WHITE PARTY in Miami, as well as Gay Pride and holiday events in every major city. But Mark’s success wasn’t limited to the United States. In 1993, Tarbox landed the first circuit party ever to be held in France, THE PARIS WHITE PARTY.

Mark moved to Los Angeles in January of 1994 and immediately became the resident DJ at the popular after-hours hot spot, PROBE (today known as A.D.). In the years that followed, Mark continued to spin at such renowned circuit events as THE MARCH ON WASHINGTON, HALLOWEEN X in New Orleans, THE RED PARTY in Columbus, FIRE AND ICE in Phoenix, THE WHITE PARTY in Cleveland, GEARED FOR LIFE in Detroit, JOINED HEARTS in Atlanta, SPRING TO LIFE in Washington, DC, THE BLUE BALL in Philadelphia, LA ONE in Los Angeles, and THE ZOO PARTY in San Diego. Mark has been tapped to spin at the country’s most famous clubs, including New York’s PALLADIUM, TWILO, SOUND FACTORY BAR, and THE RITZ (better known as STUDIO 54), Miami’s WARSAW and LIQUID, and Los Angeles’ FACTORY, ARENA, CIRCUS, RAGE, and THE MAYAN. In his many travels, Mark has had the honor of sharing turntables with the nation’s top talents, such as Manny Leahman, Abel, Monty Q, Paulo, and the legendary Junior Vasquez.

Mark is proud to be celebrating 15 years of circuit party DJing, and he was recently nominated Best DJ in Los Angeles 2003 by the WeHo Award committee. Today Mark continues to bring his upbeat sound to dance floors from coast to coast. Tarbox enjoys residencies in several cities, including New York (FULL FRONTAL FRIDAYS at SBNY), Los Angeles (RED EYE and HERE LOUNGE), and San Francisco (FRESH at Ruby Skye). If you look around the dance floor while Mark is spinning, you might even find his mom, Mark’s biggest fan.

In addition to his circuit endeavors, Mark also works for DreamWorks SKG in California. Mark is a Production Supervisor in the Feature Animation division. He’s been with the company for over seven years and has worked on several DreamWorks animated films, including THE PRINCE OF EGYPT, SPIRIT and SINBAD. Mark’s latest film, SHARK TALE, stars Will Smith, Robert DeNiro, Jack Black, Renee Zellweger and Angelina Jolie, and bows in theaters October 1st.