Top 50k on The DJ List

Mark Strube

Milwaukee, United States

Breaks, Trance


Mark Strube first discovered the world of electronica by buying the “Vegas” album by The Crystal Method on an impulse, back in 1997. He’s been hooked ever since.

Through the months and years his tastes have spanned the world of electronica, from breakbeat and house, to progressive trance and psy.

He’s always been interested in checking out DJ’s mix sets, but something wasn’t quite working for him… he could never find a set that he completely enjoyed. So, he decided to go ahead and make his own, and in June of 2004, he had his first mix finished.

He’s been working on his skills as a digital DJ ever since, and while his first mixes were a bit rough, his newer mixes are starting to rank up there with professional DJ’s. He hopes to soon have the time and money to invest in the equipment needed to seriously pursue his interest. Ever since, he’s gained a small following, and is always hoping for more fans of the mixes he puts a lot of work into.