. Mark rizzo starts its career in 1994 livening up the nights in parties for friends. In 1995 it started the living by side of two great names of the music of dance in Por... read more
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Location: Lisbon, Portugal Portugal
Genre: House, Progressive House

. Mark rizzo starts its career in 1994 livening up the nights in parties for friends.

In 1995 it started the living by side of two great names of the music of dance in Portugal, dj jiggy and mario roque in the disco Sai de Gatas, in Torres Vedras to leave gives other opportunities they were appearing and in the space of 2 years it would come to act in many clubs and in some events, such as discoteca ‘Alcntara mar’ in Lisbon, discoteca ‘models’ in Lisbon, discoteca ‘saturday’ in the Ericeira, ‘monumental casino’ beach of the apples and for ai it are.

In 1997 it is an outstanding year in his career, becomes resident of club ‘saturday’ in the Ericeira where it would come to share the cabin with great names of dances scene national and international, such as dj jiggy, Mrio Roque, Luis " xl " Garci’a, wla Garci’a, a.paul, Michael ngelo, Mike Dearborn, Daz Sound etc.

In the way of the success in 1999, the invitation of dub delight acting by side of Oliver Ho in the Carnival dub in the disco 100 hours in the Sobral de Monte Agrao.

In 2000 without great surprise, appears the oportunity to pass to be financed* by X-Club one of the most known and main agency of DJ’s and producer of events in Portugal. From this height it play in almost all the events of x-club and in the most knowns clubs of the night, the north to south of the country. Club such as ‘Pacha’ in Ofir, ‘Locomia’ Algarve, ‘Kadoc’ Algarve, ‘Garage’ Lisbon, ‘Coconuts’ etc.

*opportunity for one starting to be negotiated by the X-Club

In 2001 it is invited to be resident in the discoteca ‘Saturday’ in the Ericeira by side of dj Diego Miranda where it would come to practically play in all the nights ties the end of the 2002 summer, always folloied of the national names and international such as: Carlos Manaa, Big Loui G, Luis Leite, Diego Miranda, Silicone Soul, Josh Wink, David Alvarado, etc. Where it also comes to be invited to play in great club in Spain the ‘Joy Eslava’ La Corua, where playing with Jack de Marseill and it shows to the spanish public a great night of full house and where it comes to shine in this night, it also comes to play in two great parties of the X-Club its 6Aniversario in the ‘Pacha’ with two great world-wide names Silica Soul and Dave Clarke. E the ticket of year of 2001/2002 in the discoteca ‘Artz’ in Lisbon. He was already undoubtedly a dj of reference for many people.

In 2002 besides keeping on playing for enumerate events and clubs for all the country comes also to participated in three great events in Portugal Sundance 2002 in the ‘Pacha’ in Ofir with David Alvarado, Dave Angel and Rob Di Stefano, the Sunrise Dance Festival 2002 in Albufeira with Carl Cox, Michael del Hey, Carlos Manaa, Luis Milk, Diego Miranda and etc. (where it touches for 10.000 people), and the anniversary of the X-Club in the ‘Pacha’ in Ofir with Joesky, Soul Silica, Funk Star Delux and Robert Hood In 2003 it marks presence again in three great events in Portugal of the made greaters already until here. These events it Ol love 2 dance tour in the ‘Pacha’ in Ofir where it play with Todd Terry and Silicone Soul, the Sunrise Dance Festival 2003 in the ‘Locomia’ in the Algarve with Carl Cox. Michal Del Hey, Litle louie Veja, Carlos Mace, Luis Milk, Diego Miranda, Miss Blondie among others. And the MTV ShakeDownd event this carried through in the dock berths in Alcntara with Armand Van Helden, Dj Vibe, Carlos manaa, Luis milk between others.

In 2004 continuing in the melody of the success Mark Rizzo marks presence in a great event that perhaps one of great when this event that might not stop telling of great names how Deep Dish, Franois K and Dj Sneak and also the Portugueses Carlos Manaa, Lus Leite, Diego Miranda between others already did in Lisbon and Portugal, it Ol Love 2Dance in the Atlantic tent for around 15.000 persons.And as it couldnt also leave of being playing in 9 anniversary of the X-Club in discoteca ‘ABS’ in Lisbon with more two great heads of poster already known double Silica Soul and Roman Lieske well a great Spanish name.

He is also a guest to play it me bigger festival of music of Portugal South-west Festival – in the Zambujeira of the sea, where it would come to play us practically every day in after-hours and where it showed in high level for thousands and thousands of persons along 5 days.

In 2005 Mark Rizzo stops being negotiated by the agency of djs and producer of X-Club events. Playing a little for all the country, Mark Rizzo it begins to produce also and to dedicate more of his time to the studio. It comes back to be invited to play in the ‘Southwestern Festival’ in the Zambujeira do mar, of this time in the MTV tent and where one more time mark presence in line up of almost every day and where if it shows to show as already is it habit in great level.

In 2006 it begins the year with right foot with a tour for the South American continent but properly for Brazil and Argentine with djs Kaesar, Yell and Dj Revolt, where it comes to play in numerable parties and clubs for some points of these same countries such as in Brazil, So Paulo, Rio De Janeiro, Are Vicente, Saints and Island Pompeba etc. where it would come to play in clubs with ‘Boite Elven’ Rio De Janeiro, ‘Karuna’ Saints, ‘Moby Dick’ Saints, ‘Capital’ Saints, ‘Fin’ Saints, and in the Carnival of the region for thousand of people etc. and for the Argentine where it comes to play in the ‘El Ruya’ Buenos Aires and in 2 Festivals. Tour this that of February the April. It begins to mount also his studio and to produce with strength. Always for the way to all playing regularly in great parties and clubs for all his country Portugal. In August as already if it becomes normal one more time goes to touch to the ‘Southwestern Festival’ in the Zambujeira do mar playing in after-hours again.

In 2007 it enters the year with a great night of end of year to play one more time for Italian lands in the ‘Grapa Bar’ in Rome and day 1 to playing in the ‘Tavazano Club’’ also in Rome. With full diary and playing a little for the country and islands and with a residence where he turns to play in 2 in 2 months in the ‘Goa Club’ in Rome – Italy.

It enters in the project Tanira Recordings, with djs Hugo Rizzo, dj Nunez and Mike Kings.A publisher 100% national what it begins also the year soon to launch his first release. Mark Rizzo presents its projecto with dj Hugo Rizzo, project this call it to DRUM-O-CRACY signing for the publishing company of the USA the Slanted Black, record this that also counted on remixes of already known djs well and producers Joy Marquez & Pao Buggin and also for the double celebrity Portuguese Redkone.

It is nominated also for the PORTUGAL NIGHT AWARDS in the category of DJ REVELAAO 2006 In July mark of clothes signs a contract of sponsorship with the recognized one mundialmente to HURLEY. In the continuation of the good work it prepares newer works of studio with Hugo rizzo. Remixes and originals.

This also in some great events and with great names as Dennis Ferrer (algarve to sumer party), Yves Larock (buddha lx)The year ends also in big with one great night of end of year in the disco garage with names like diego Miranda, john – and, the fahze, atlantic tribe between others

With an infectious energy and sonorities that always go from the Electrum House to more Progressive and tribal sounds, inside the house, it takes any trace of dance to the height with his technique and musical selection of very good level.

In 2008 begins the year again with a full diary and with newer works to be *edited. This time with 2 remix together with his partned Hugo rizzo. Play in the Carnival in the disco alcntara with a great international name D-Formation and with great national names such as jiggy, phill kay, dj magillian


With an infectious energy and sonorities that go from the House always passing over the minimal to the most progressive and tribal sounds, inside the house, it takes any trace of dance to the height with his technique and musical selection of very good level.


Mark Rizzo