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“’Anjuna superstar Mark Pledger has emerged as a globe

trotting star spreading the trance gospel to the far

flung corners of the world”

The Gallery @ Ministry Of Sound

“’When did Trance get this damn good again?”

DJ Mag

“’Amongst the best Trance producers and excellent DJ”

Armin Van Buuren

“’The best thing to happen in Trance”


“’Never fails to amaze me’’

Ferry Corsten

Mark Pledger has established himself as not only a superb producer but also a technically strong DJ receiving a nomination for best compilation at the Miami IDMA’ awards and Mixmag ‘compilation of the month’ for “Anjunabeats Worldwide 01.” He combines a genuine taste in highly driven, melodic dance music with flawless mixing techniques and production and Since blasting onto the scene in 2002, Mark’s releases have been heavily supported by Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Above & Beyond, Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Judge Jules to name a few and has received “10 “ 5-star reviews in the iconic DJ Magazine.

As a part of Anjunabeats, Flashover and Solaris roster As well as through his live DJ sets, he has crafted a musical agenda that seeks to be driving yet emotionaL in its approach. Mark has rocked local crowds at The Gallery (London), Godskitchen (Birmingham) and Gatecrasher (Sheffield), whilst also developing a keen sense of loyalty in distant parts of the globe such as Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, China, India, USA, Singapore, Finland, Poland and Russia

’’Mark Pledger delivers one awesome track after another. I challenge any non-trance fan to

listen to this and not be converted.” This is what fans say about his Anjunabeats Worldwide radio show, and is what can be expected at any of Mark’s illustrious crowd-pleasing gigs. Anjunabeats is the label he is most associated with for his string of hits as a solo artist and witH former Smith & Pledger partner Oliver Smith, Gatecrasher Resident Matt Hardwick and UK vocalist Melinda Gareh, Releasing and remixing now through a wider pool of labels such as Blackhole and Ferry Corsten’s Flashover, Mark Continues his success story.


Smith & Pledger are London-based producer/DJ’s Olie Smith & Mark Pledger. Olie and Mark met at university in 2000 and soon set up a studio together. Since then a series of high profile solo releases and remixes have cemented the duo’s position as one of most exciting new dance music talents in the UK. Smith & Pledger’s style is best categorised as classy and melodic, their early releases such as “Believe” and “Forever” became global club anthems for A-list DJ’s such as Paul Oakenfold, Ferry Corsten, Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond and Markus Schulz. Releases such as the White/Black EP, Northen Lights, Hijack (as Aspekt) and their remix of Luminary – “Amsterdam” have all been equally well received.

Olie and Mark have also collaborated successfully in the studio with former Gatecrasher resident DJ Matt Hardwick. Their first production together, “Day One”, was hailed by DJ Magazine as the “instrumental trancer of the year” and earned widespread support from the world’s leading DJ’s, including Tiesto and Paul Van Dyk. “Connected”, the follow-up single, proved just as popular, picking up a “Record of the Week” award on Armin Van Buuren’s radio show and earning multiple BBC Radio 1 Specialist Dance plays.

DISCOGS (Singles, Compilations & Remixes)

“Mark is most commonly known for his collaborative works and remixes with fellow Englishman Oliver Smith under their guise as Smith & Pledger, although he also has produced a number of singles with artists such as Mike Koglin, Matt Hardwick, and Super8 & Tab”






“My respect goes out to these guys in a big way. Their tunes always seem to be at the top of my list. It’s harder than you think to please me as far as Trance music is concerned! But these guys do it everytime. Their form of Trance is just so beautiful and dreamy. I’ll always be greatful for their remix of Firewall’s “Sincere” in particular. They’re good at originals too. “Northern Lights” and “White” are both beauties. They may well be the best artist on Anjunabeats at the moment. It’s almost as if they should be running the show instead of Above & Beyond!"

“Truly, one of the finest acts in Trance history. Oliver Smith & Mark Pledger made a huge impression in what seems like such a short time they worked together. I believe I first heard them via their remix of Firewall – Sincere. It really opened the door to a whole new kind of Trance for me. Sure, I’d heard Above & Beyond, but there was something different about this duo.

Ollie & Mark’s work seemed more pure and such beauty was crafted in everything they wrote. With Smith & Pledger, to me, it seemed like they made music because they loved to, and were inspired, not just because they could. I think you can hear that in many of their songs, choice examples being the “I’m Not Fooled” remix, their remix of “No One On Earth” and what about the stunning “The Unknown”? Of course, I’m only touching on a handful of their work, but honestly. With these guys, you need to hear it all."


‘Melodika’ now on Afterhours FM is Mark’s own brand from his forthcoming recording label to be launched in 2012.


Since 2006 Mark has featured as a monthly resident for Anjunabeats Worldwide alongside Sup8 & Tab & James Grant


Each month since 2006 Mark has submitted his top trance picks for M8 & Tilllate magazine