Top 50k on The DJ List

Mark Major

Melbourne, Australia

Progressive House, Tech House, Trance


Around 2000, the commercial dance scene had emerged. Anthems were released far and wide, and for Mark it was the beginning of a new and exciting path. He had first heard dance following the smash hit from ATB, 9pm (Till I Come). Seemingly drawn to its unique and high vibe riff, he proceeded to explore the dance scene. During the new millennium trance boom, Mark Major had seemingly picked up a decent collection of singles and started toying with basic MP3 mixing. Using simple wares, he managed to pick up the concept of DJing without too much trouble, and start throwing up mixes for his friends house parties. Following his still unknown hero, DJ Tiesto, he played up melodic mixes with a strong vocal presence to bring listeners in with catch lyrics. However, in 2001, Mark had found a new sound that was clearly drawing him in. Catching Global Underground & Renaissance master, Dave Seaman, Mark had finally found a sound that stuck with him up to this day: Progressive House A simple track with an infectious loop, Its Gonna Be (A Lovely Day) by Branccacio & Aisher helped Mark kick off with a very large range of DJing idols to follow. Following into 2002, the aspiring DJ practiced on his friends decks mixing up records. Without anyone to help him out, it took around 6 months to finally work out the beat-matching technique. But having DJed using MP3s, everything else was easy. In 2003, Mark Major had picked up his owns turntables and began throwing down mixes for himself and his friends. Keeping within his progressive path, Mark chose tracks that were full of melody. Influenced by deep progressive dub sounds that artists like Sultan & Tonedepth had seemed to perfect, and throwing in the club anthem & vocal styles notorious by new heroes Max Graham and Dave Seaman, Mark had finally developed his own unique sound blending both together. With the progressive scene always changing, Mark has incorporated a harder club sound with NZ DJ, Mark Johnson, whilst taking everything back down a notch in his listening. And even though you may not find Mark at the local club, youre bound to come across a mix of his online. Spread out through friends across the globe, Marks sound is easy to settle into, and will have you humming or singing lyrics every time you put a mix of his back on.