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Mark Junior is a Dutch DJ, born and raised in a small town near the big city of Amsterdam. At an early age he discovered the passion that would influence his life from then on: MUSIC. It all started while nosing around the great record collection of his grandparents, where he got in contact with different styles of music like jazz, blues and funk. After an encounter with a local dj, his attention was caught by house music. Swept away by the house vibe of that moment, he got inspired by great dj’s as Erick Morillo, Carl Cox and Jeff Mills. Inspiring indeed, seeing that he quickly took the first step to start dj-ing himself by buying his first pair of turntables. It was the kick-off in exploring his passion and to express himself in and through music.

Soon enough it became clear that Mark Junior had taken the right path as he easily could fill the floor with his music and enthusiastic stage presence. He could rock any party, any time at any place. He obviously possessed the talent, the feeling and passion for the dj-craft. He gained experience and developed his skills as a local dj and became well known in no time. Due to his dedication and efforts, bookings started rolling in. Needless to say his success did not go unnoticed as he caught the interest of various promoters in the music- and club scene, and so the transition to the big cities was quickly made.

Through the years he developed his own style of dj-ing, whilst he eagerly keeps learning and experimenting. With his unique style he always knows how to create a positive and uplifting vibe in the club. He knows how to play the audience with the combination of a good music collection and technical ability, without ever losing his enthusiasm. He had been able to turn his hobby into a fruitful and successful dj-career. His love for music led him to appear in numerous leading and popular venues spread all over the country. But not even the borders could stop Mark Junior to cross over to other countries. Belgium, Sweden, Greece, Denmark and England are a few countries that got acquainted with this talented DJ.

Although standing behind the turntables is a way to give expression for the love of music, he found another way, namely making/producing his own music. He produced his first debut single named SOLNA, which has been taken in with open arms across the borders and has received great critics. Production wise this young DJ is heading the right way, with great plans and perspectives for the future. His debut single SOLNA is the starting point of a bright (er) future. DJ Mark Junior is someone to keep our eyes and ears on.