Top 25k on The DJ List

Mark E Quark

San Diego, United States


“Succumbing to the influences of Industrial music, Acid House and Belgian New Beat, fresh young-hearted Mark Hanson’s alter ego and ambassador for shockingly good music Mark E. Quark was born at age eighteen. With a penchant for putting songs, beats, and lyrics together in ways that gave his listeners starry-eyes and loyal hearts, Mark E. Quark resolved to use his powers of DJ’ing only for good, not evil. However, he also resolved not to ever wear tights, a cape, or a mask at the same time so as to not focus on his superhero DJ status. Quark likes to keep the focus on the music.

“With an ability to mesmerize audiences over Radio Waves, Internet Connections as well as any dance floor, Mark E. Quark has lit up audiences all over the world. He has played alongside (and counts among his fans) renowned producers and DJ’s Doc Martin, Derrick L. Carter, Lil Louie Vega, Kenny Hawkes, Gemini, Onionz, Dan Ghenacia, Ivan Smagghe, Juan Atkins, Hipp-E, Justin Harris, Phil Weeks, Hector Morales, Mark Farina, the Wicked crew, Halo, Richard James (Aphex Twin) and Moby.

Mark E. Quark’s handwriting can be seen undeniably all over Southern California’s legendary nightlife scene. He was a pivotal force in the foundation of SOMA, Playskool, G-Force and gave assists to San Francisco heavyweight events The Gathering, Basics, By the People’s Out Of Sight parties, Stompy Dig In, and Sunset. Quark’s also caused major foot-stomping with his own releases on Hi-Phen (Belgium), Camouflage (US) & Facade (US).

“In a pinch, if forced to employ adjectives to describe the Mark E. Quark style, one would come up with words like “groovy, laid back and nasty” house music. But putting grammar aside, it’s reasonable to just say that Quark has internalized influences from DJ Harvey, Idjut Boys, Jeno + early Andrew Weatherall, mashed them up, and given life to a signature style and a creature which is totally unique. This creature is currently brought to life for public consumption on a bi-weekly basis at Moonshake, a collaboration with fellow DJ’s Dr. Indulgent & Bob Dazzla in San Diego.”

- Jodi Nelson Call of Pistolsandpopcorn