Mark Denken Beatport


MARK DENKEN , age class ‘89, is a talented dj/producer emerged from the Italian Electronic Dance Music panorama in the last years, being one of the top

minimal techno artists at the moment and from 2008 to 2012 he performed in more then 20 countries in different continents.

His professional carreer begins in 2006, year in which establishes his digital label “A.M.R” , influenced by techno, minimal and tech-house beats, receiving important feedbacks from international artists like John Acquaviva.

In 2007 becomes resident dj on many prestigious events of middle italy, also taking part in "fiesta ibizenica @Mamamia Ancona " with Jonathan Ulysses and in several more national and international radio shows.

In 2008 creates the duo “Autistic”, which right away smoothes the way to a new emerging genre called italo minimal-tech.

Thanks to the support of many international artists like Umek, Popof ,Dandi & Ugo, Andrea Bertolini, Alex Kenji, Manuel De la Mar, Mc Flipside, Kanio, Joseph Capriati, Hugo Rizzo and to the high ranking position on top seller digital shops as Beatport and Dj Tunes and on vinyls like Decks begins to be guest in big europan clubs like

“Fama Club” and “Gallery” in Mallorca (Spain) ,“Cabaret Aleaitore” in Marsiglia or in italian clubs like “Wish Club” in Rimini, “Le club” in Cattolica, “Cielo Club” in Venice and Velvet in Naples, which is one of the most important techno underground clubs in the city.

In 2009, mainly influenced by house music but not losing sight of the techno movement, climbs the tech-house charts with “Yeman”, which will

be included in many different compilations. In the meanwhile begins to work for labels like “Autist”, “Italo Business”, “303lovers” and “Stereo Seven Plus” which lead him to

perform in the best european electronic music stages as “Oxa Club” in Switzerland, “Masai Club” in Bulgary, “Forsage” in Ukraine, “Op Art” in Portugal ’A Club’ in Brasil or at worldwide festivals like “Planet Tech”, ‘Technologic’ and ‘Itthem Music Open Air ’in Mexico, “Engadin Spirit Festival” in Switzerland ,“Eclipse” in Israel , ’Lost Mind’ in Brasil,

“United Artist” in Italy and others.

At the end of 2010 he released his first album ‘Tunnel’ including classic tunes like ‘Racoon’ and ‘Acidisko’ on Dandi&Ugo and Piatto’s Italo Business that reached some techno top on beatport and a lot of important feedbacks from internation artists.

In 2011 starts a strong collaboration with Umek’s label 1605 Music therapy with the singles ‘Great Khali’ influenced by tech house jazzy and ‘Pills’ and Andrea Roma’s Human Garden with ‘’Who Da Fuck Is David’ and ‘In The Music’.

At the moment is one of the most popular artist in minimal beats thanks to last releases on Ahmet Sendil’s Bosphorus Underground like ‘Dios’ , ‘Ducks’ , ’Forsage’s Feeling’ that reached everytime the charts and good feedbacks from artists.

His live sets are very appreciated for the eclecticism and the capacity to adapt in various situations,they are always characterized by innovative sounds which variates from electronic techno to minimal or electronic sounds passing through tech house and funky beats that drive the international dancefloors crazy.