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Crazed, crazy, vinyl collector, workaholic, global player, sun addicted, always without enough sleep and extremely amorous in music, that?s Mark Brain.

There is no other artist who dedicates his life to the music with such enthusiasm, intensity and passion like Mark Brain. With light velocity Mark races through his 7-day week as a producer and DJ. He works up to 18 hours per day in the manner of a perfectionist.

Mark?s productions like ?Los Ninos del parque? or ?Ease the pressure? are extremely convincing in the club domain, they are even to such an extent successfully that you can find them in the playlists of the most popular djs world-wide.

Whether as a TV guest of German star cook Ralf Zacherl in his TV-Show ?simply cook? (pro 7), or as a Deejay in one of Switzerland?s most popular Celebrity & VIP clubs ?club Indochine?, as a VIP-DJ on several After Show Parties (The Dome, German Disco Award etc.) and as a Deejay in the ?Radio 1 Live Train? where he player for 10h?s and 20min in one go, or as the only producer beside the fabulous Harold Faltermeyer, who produced soundtracks for e.g. Axel F, Beverly Hills Cop, Running Man, Top Gun Theme etc., on Faltermeyer?s Best-Off Album, he loves what he is doing and for that he is a fancied guest.

The Quality of his music and the love to the music has to be saved, Mark said, and nobody celebrates this in a Club more authentic as himself. But that wasn?t enough, he ranked on 175 of the dj world list through the official DJ Mag voting in 2005.

All over the globe, Mark is well known and quite busy with his dj performances. He became very popular in Asia when he played for the most famous music TV station called Channel [V] together with Paul Oakenfold on a tour in China. It just was the beginning because he rocked different places there till now and jumped into the hearts of music lovers in South Korea too when he performed at the most popular hotspot ClubAnswer in Seoul.

But Mark is also on tour on continents like North America and for sure Europe.

Beside the weekend traveling as a DJ, Mark is quite busy within the week too. He is responsible for all technique tests for the German ?discret? magazine where he tests brand new and upcoming DJ tools as well as studio equipment. In that respect, one of the biggest producer for studio equipment, Roland Music Instruments Corporation, booked Mark for their Groove department on German ProLight & Sound exhibition. The exhibition included a performing session of Roland at the legendary Cocoon Club of Sven Väth.

His most recent track ?Mark Brain – Data City? is released since January 28th, 2009 and dominates throughout with punky vocals, which are, beyond dispute, a real Clubhit. By now this Club-Smasher has been released in Russia and Switzerland where Mark got one of his biggest Fan Community?s. Check out Beatport.

In March 2009 Mark got an invitation to the 5th Musicological Conference in Nicosia, Cyprus to give a lecture about ?Music and Identity | Music creates stars, preciousness, dangers and responsibility?.

Mark is booked around the world:

South Africa, USA, South Korea, China, Finland, Spain, Russia, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, …