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Mark Bale

Bremen, Germany


17:44 Records, Fadersport, Nellie Recordings
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Influenced and inspired by artists like Young Mc, Prince, Blackstreetand others it wasnt a big surprise Mark Bale soon got caught wearing white gloves and break-dance in front of his grandma. Maybe this incident in 1989, when house music conquered the clubs, was the point when he decided to focus on the music and not impress his grandma with way to big gloves and untalented moves.

Listening to music the whole day, snatching into clubs he was too young to go to, he quickly became the new music lexicon for his friends and the girls just loved him because of his double tape deck.

Overwealmed from the audience reactions on different djs he watched playing, he more and more wanted to step into the club scene and become a Dj.

Years later, at the spot where he wanted to be; entertaining people with his music choice, and technical skills, gaining experience in playing at many Events and Clubs in Germany – soon the Events and Clubs became bigger and bigger as well as his reputation as the magazine Prinz in cooperation with Becks Beer gave him an Awardfor Best Dj 2006/2007.

But that was not enough for Mark… It was more or less the beginning of a new chapter…

Over the years where he played with Djs like Shapeshifters, Tom Novy, Pippi amongst many many others, the idea of creating his own vibes and becoming an artist – like all the other big shots, was growing and growing. Constantly on the look out for a good and talented production partner he finally joined forces with John Voltaire in August 2008 to work on the artist profile Bale & Voltaire.

Lots of coffees, laughs and a couple of Pizza delivery calls from the studio later, the first tracks were made. Within the incredible short time of about 2 weeks promoting the tracks to chosen labels and artists, getting remarquable feedback from big players like DBN, Andy Caldwell, Inkfish and others, Kristoffer fromNellie Recordings (Sweden) finally saw his talent and signed “Tabaka” and “Happy Tears” for Marks first release to be dropped in february 2009!

Various Remixes as Bale & Voltaire for artists like DBN & Tommy Trash/ Michael Feiner on labels like Serial / We Play we´re made and got played by the big dogs of the industry.

Actually, Mark Bale is working a on various projects and remixes with D.Lectro (a young and upcoming Dj/Producer from Hungary) for many different global players and of cours also on solo material, like his new single “Bounce 4 me” on 17:44 Records which is released end of September 2010 and supported by Fedde Le Grand / Mastiksoul / Alex Kenji / David Tort and many others. Be sure to check back where things are going…