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Mark Arbor

Gdynia, Poland


Unearthed Records
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Mark (Caspar Balthazar) Leszczynski a.k.a. Mark Arbor is a polish based melodic trance producer, born in the large town of Gdynia. He has spent most of his life working towards a rewarding and supurb music career!

At the age of 11, Mark showed signs of his musical intuition when he was enrolled as a drummer in a polish grunge band called ‘Negative Creeps’, though just drumming wasnt what he had in mind when he imagined where he’d like to push things, it gave him a platform to start thinking more seriously about music. Moving on to 14 years old, Mark discovered the world of electronic sounds, coupled with his fascination on how things worked, and also a keen interest in how music is put together, this gave him a trigger to a deep desire to create his own music, and finally a way to express himself through a style he has much love for.

Many things during Mark’s life inspire the music he makes, non more so than the music he grew up with. In 1996, Mark discovered a track that widened his horizons, ‘’Guru Josh – Infinity’’ played a big roll in firing up Mark’s producer side, showing both digital and analog sounds could work in unison together so well, it encouraged him finally to write his first track. Amongst other things, Mark has also in past taken much influence from artists such as U96, Astral Projection, Shpongle, Infected Mushroom & Chicane, not to mention many of his producer friends. Over the first 4 years, he produced a whopping great 97 tracks of which only 7 survived.

In 2005 unfortunately Mark had to quit djing and producing, due to personal problems. But after 12 months of silence, Mark re-emerged like a pheonix from the flame, he focused mainly on production this time Equipping himself with nuendo and a bunch of vsti’s. The first track he made, was the remix of ‘’Jose Gonzales – Crosses’’. It gained a warm reception of opinions on the global netorking site

During his rise to being known as professional and articulate producer, Mark in 2007 was snached up by the no1 Swedish trance label ‘’Daif Records’‘, where He soon released a hugely successful and emotional track named ’Unspoken Words’, which has been supported by many well known Djs, like: Alex M.O.R.P.H, Above & Beyond, Dj Shah and many more…

2008 has been even better. Mark released many remixes (see ’’Discography’’ section), which have been supported by the likes of: Firestorm, Tiesto, Suzy Solar, Space Garden, John Wright…

The year 2009 has also started pretty well for Mark. After finishing a bunch of remixes for many different artists, such as: – Talla2xlc (Talla2xlc pres. Diskomo – Light Years Away(Mark Arbor Remix),

- Ronny K (Ronny K – In Silence (Mark Arbor Remix), or

- Dereck Recay (Dereck Recay – Cry To The Sky (Mark Arbor Remix).

Mark has proven once again, he’s capable of doing a number of remixes, which have gained support from well known Djs in the EDM business.

Where as Mark is mostly known for his music career now, he has in past a successful stint in DJ’ing! during 2000-2002, he played in such clubs in poland as ’’Metro’’ & ’’Ggog’’ in Gdansk, plus ‘’Blue Orange’’ in Lubiana. Though not fully known for his incredible DJ skills now, he often takes part in guest mixes for Daif Records on their radio show ‘The Last Sunrise’.

In the future Mark is aiming for the sky and beyond, his music keeps on developing as his life does, and we can only hope he keeps his track record up for creating beautiful and emotional music!