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One of Chicagos home grown spawned, teknified, dignified and personified underground elite. DJ/Producer Mark Angel, always committed to stamping his abstract vision, driving production and absolute forcing movement towards a solid foundation into the dark corners of our untouched Techno community.

As a veteran behind the decks, Angel has been gliding across the steel for well over a decade showing his home grown influenced sound of a aggressive, tweaked-out, tech-infested flavor and slapping into the mouths of the massive across North America. As technology moves forward at a rapid speed, so does the idea of new ways to implement a new approach to the genre we have been bangin’ close to our eardrums as a community. Angel takes that idea of new technology and the natural laid-back idea of production to the hard/software induced projections and lets the music flow as it comes available to his mind. This careless formula is more than a signature stamp on his technical skills in the studio, it’s innovation thrown into the world of seasoned dj’s and producer’s wanting nothing more than to move together into the future sound of Techno.

Currently, Angel has focused a lot of attention on production and implementing his flavor into a pool of already respected artists and dj’s around the globe. With his steps toward joining forces with Darkside Audio, Impact Mechanics, launches of his own label “Cryoform Recordings” and his session series, “Formatikz Podcast”, Angel is definitely looking to make his mark on the highest level in this crazy, always evolving industry. With new releases up-coming on “Impact Mechanics”, Darkside Audio”, Backwater Community Records, Brickwork and “R3VOLV3.USA.” Angel is full speed ahead and is leaving a trail of his teknified essence behind. So, be on the look out for up-coming projects and productions on the horizon that will not only add to the rebirth of a new era in the genre but add to a community of artists and dj’s wanting no more than to move forward, toward that future sound of what we call Techno.