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Mario Reder

Menomale Music, Mind Ability Records, Minimal Force Records
Mario Reder BeatportMario Reder BeatportMario Reder Beatport


Mario Reder began his musical journey At the tender age of 12 where he began taking lessons in classical piano which cemented his musical knowledge and inspiration which stuck with him for years to come.

A few years passed in which he continued to learn and grow in his musical passion, at this point he discovered electronic music never forgetting his roots in classical music.

At the age of 16 he bought his first Roland DJ 70 and set up a small analogic studio to work on the sampling of classic songs with electronic arrangements. A few years passed where he continued his studies in classical piano and began learning the mastering process in a renowned music and arts school in Naples.

In 2004 in order to launch his musical career, he moved to London where he instantly started playing at various underground parties and eventually got a gig playing at the infamous Infected Mushroom parties alongside international headliners such as Chris Liberator and many more.

Presently he draws his inspiration from producers such as Format B, Thomas Shumacher, Jesse Rose, Sebastian Voigt and Rino Cerrone

In August 2009 he released “Frederik” his first EP on Menomale Records.

Today Mario Reder is involved in several project and his next releases is expected Shortly.