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Musician Composer & Dj

Education: Harmony, Ear Training, Grand Piano, Upright Piano, Organ, Orchestra, Music for films, Music Therapy, Percussion, Bass and Guitar.

Styles: “Improvisation”, House, Progressive House, Deep House, Techno, Ambient, Chill Out.

Discs: Mystic Flight, Genco, Blue Zone Disc.

Labels: Stripped Digital (England) / Hype Muzik (England) / Lowbit Records (England) / Undertechnical (United Kingdom)

Radio Show: Mario Puccio Euphoria Radio Show @ Golden Wings by Wcross

Supports: Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Marc Marzenit, Max Cooper, Mitrinique, Norman Hines, Erik Pettersson ,Yamil Colucci, Carlos Alfonsin, Fernando Ferreyra, Alejo Gonzalez, Andrea Cassino, Pete Mccarthey, Nikko.Z, Rich Curtis, James Warren, Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Quentin Harris, Omid 16B, Kassey Voorn, Sonic Union, Graziano Raffa and more.

Hernan Cattaneo Plays / Mario Puccio – Rosario (Original Mix)

Resident / Episode 030

Highway Podcast #50 — Hernan Cattaneo

Hernan Cattaneo Plays / Saschienne – Unknown (Mario Puccio Unofficial Remix)

Resident / Episode / 069

Hernan Cattaneo Plays “Saschienne -Unknown (Mario Puccio Unofficial Remix)” @ Love Theatre, Greece.

Hernan Cattaneo Plays “Saschienne – Unknown (Mario Puccio Unofficial Remix)” @ Montevideo (Uruguay)

Hernan Cattaneo plays “Saschienne – Unknown (Mario Puccio Unofficial Remix)” @ Brown Alley 21st Sep 2012

Hernan Cattaneo Plays “Kimouts – Down to Earth (Mario Puccio Edit)” @ Moonpark – 08/12/12

Nick Warren opened his “Delta Session” with Henry Saiz – Madre Noche (Mario Puccio Unofficial Remix)