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Maria Mashkova

Berlin, Germany

Progressive House, Trance

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… Music is more than just a Sound …

with this slogan, Maria Mashkova dedicates herself to all her projects concerning electronic music.

You can describe her style in main as trance, but she loves to go for classic, tribal and progressive stuff additional as well. because of this combination you can discover a pretty exciting mixture of electronic dancemusic for yourself. She loves it when the audience understands her selection of sounds and is opening up to follow her on a journey through the set…

Born in eastern Berlin, Maria is the youngest in a multicultural family. Maria grew up with classical music, as the daughter of an enthusiastic hobby pianist and as the sister of a choir guitarist. Her first contact with vinyl occurred at the age of six while scanning the record-collection of her parents ‑ Abba to Tchaikovsky. The record-player of the household was later confiscated, and musical entertainment within the family home was limited. After the falling of the Berlin Wall, Maria soon got access to electronic music, which she frequently likes to refer to as a kind of ‘digitized classical music‘. She feels there are infinite possibilities to interpret the music for oneself and therefore it is very suitable for diving into.