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Marcus started his career as DJ in year 1999. At first he only played records at home alone or for friends at small private parties, but it did not take very long before he started presenting his own view of electronic sounds in the Berlin club scene. Since 2002 he regularly plays his music in the clubs of Berlin as well as on events outside his hometown.

In his DJ sets Marcus Nacht mainly plays a mixture of techno and tech-house music with lots of groove to it.

Marcus started producing his own music year 2004. Growing up in a musical family gave him a good ear for heartfilled music and this shines through in his own musical productions.

His first productions were released on the label mode2-recordings as well as on his own label Klang Dimension which he founded together with DJ and producer Christian Soto. Listening to Marcus own productions, it gets clear that he finds his inspiration in a broad spectrum of music.